Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Layin' low

Hi all! Nothing to exciting going on this week. We are kind of laying low this week because we leave for Arkansas on Friday morning. One of my close friends is getting married on Saturday. It is a long trip so we are going over the day before so the kids can kind of get settled before a long day on Saturday. The kids are doing great and Ella is now pulling up on everything. I had to lower all of their cribs yesterday because I walked in yesterday after nap time to find them all sitting up looking over the edge. Carter is sitting up really well and Hudson is at least showing some interest, finally! Here are some pictures that I took this weekend. Now whenever I take the camera out, they all look and get these huge grins. I knew there was a reason I took pictures all the time. I have trained them well.

Two of my favorite boys

I don't know what Hudson said but apparantly it was funny

Really really funny!

My boys!

Miss Ell sitting up like a big girl!

OK, I'll take another picture, CHEESE!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Do you ever have one of those weeks,.....

where everything seems to be going wrong. It all started Friday morning. We had a couple of errands to run, so I got up early and got ready so I could leave as soon as the kids ate, and hopefully it wouldn't be 105 degrees outside. I had to go to the dry cleaners to get a dress altered. I get the kids out, which now takes forever with their new car seats, get them in the stroller, finally get over the curb, get into the dry cleaners, and they tell me that they can alter a dress with "bones" in it. He tells his wife can do it so I decide to go see her. I get back outside, back over the curb, get the kids loaded up, which has not gotten any easier in the last five minutes, get in to start the car, and the battery is dead. Thankfully, the laundromat man brings his car over but it is to small to start mine, so one of his employees brings her van over and it starts finally. We go to Wal-Mart, do our shopping, car starts fine. Yeah!! Go to the game Friday night, again the car starts fine. Sunday afternoon, we went to Sam's because it is too hot to do anything outside. We strolled around for a while, while people point and stare (you get used to it) and bought some water and a lasagna, big list I know. Jake goes to get the car and pull it up to the front, and a few minutes later, I see him walking not driving back to us. Battery died again. We called one of our friends to come give us a jump because not one person who drove by us stopped to offer help. Nevermind the three babies and the hood that is up. Now, I like to think of myself as a relatively intellegient person, not once did it cross my mind to return to the large air conditioned structure, so we stood outside in the heat, waiting for help. We finally make it home and had a good evening with the kids. Today, Monday, Jake comes home for lunch and walks down the hallway to find water pouring out of our hot water tank closet. That's right, not dripping, pouring. There is no shut off valve on this thing so he has to turn it off at the meter. We finally get it turned off, but not before there is water everywhere and every towel we own is lying on the floor, failing to contain the water. Jake is now out purchasing a water heater for us to install this evening. Let's hope we can do this. I know it's a long post, but it's been a long week. I need some cookies!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Look out Ranger fans...

Jake and I took the kids to their first professional sporting event last night. We went to the Rangers/Mariners game and the kids did so well. They were perfect, no crying no whining, nothing. One of the beer vendors that works with QT has a luxury box and we got to enjoy a great game in style! We left in the seventh inning and the kids stayed awake the whole time. We had a blast!

This is our very first family picture! (too bad it took nine months to get one)

Me Carter and Hudson

Jake Carter and Hudson

Me and Carter

Jake and Ella

This is a picture of Ella right when the fireworks went off. Hilarious!!!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Eating is....

very exhausting! The kids are eating solid foods three or four times a day. Cereal and fruit in the morning, vegetables in the afternoon and evening and a cookie if they have been good. No matter what time they eat though they always fall asleep afterwards like a grandpa on Thanksgiving. Who knew baby food was filled with tryptophan. I have to take their clothes off of them when we eat because we are in this "We can feed ourselves" phase. Most of the time it ends up in their eyes and nose. At least they're trying. Well off to feed some babies!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Ladies and Gentleman....

We have a crawler! Ella is officially crawling. The boys crawl, but they tend to look more like spiderman crawling up the side of a building, but that's OK, who wouldn't want spidey powers. Ella and Carter are both sitting up on their own quite nicely. Ella does it especially well when she is crying, but then she proceeds to find the only big toy in the entire pen and promptly whack her noggin right into it. I think she does it because she wants to be held, just a theory. Hudson however, would rather lay, roll and steal toys from the other two as opposed to sitting like I so desperately want him to. Oh well, I guess I should enjoy only having to wrangle two out of three for now. It's only going to get crazier!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We are so big that......

We had to go buy brand new car seats! That's right the kids have outgrown the infant car seats and were upgraded today to a plush new system that includes head pillow, body pillow, 5 point harness and... wait for it... cup holders! Oh yes we are officially big. The kids and I went to Babies'R'Us today and tried out a couple and finally came to a decision that we could all agree on. We weighed comfort, price (it gets expensive fast when you're buying for three) and most importantly safety. Hudson was the official car seat tester and in the end we got three new Graco Comfort Sport in a lovely gray. The coolest thing now is, they can all sit in the backseat and we have more room for other passengers. That's right dad, no more sitting on the floorboard. Well it is feeding time for the trio, duty calls!

Blogging for Babies!

Hello all,
I have decided, since we are so far away from our families, to start a blog for the babies!
I am going to do my best to post a couple times a week and let you know what we are up to down here in Texas. Hope everyone enjoys!