Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Layin' low

Hi all! Nothing to exciting going on this week. We are kind of laying low this week because we leave for Arkansas on Friday morning. One of my close friends is getting married on Saturday. It is a long trip so we are going over the day before so the kids can kind of get settled before a long day on Saturday. The kids are doing great and Ella is now pulling up on everything. I had to lower all of their cribs yesterday because I walked in yesterday after nap time to find them all sitting up looking over the edge. Carter is sitting up really well and Hudson is at least showing some interest, finally! Here are some pictures that I took this weekend. Now whenever I take the camera out, they all look and get these huge grins. I knew there was a reason I took pictures all the time. I have trained them well.

Two of my favorite boys

I don't know what Hudson said but apparantly it was funny

Really really funny!

My boys!

Miss Ell sitting up like a big girl!

OK, I'll take another picture, CHEESE!

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