Thursday, September 27, 2007

5 years??!!

Jake had his five year anniversary with Quik Trip this month. We got to go to a really nice dinner on Wednesday. It was the first time we have been out to dinner alone since Easter weekend. It was alot of fun. We started talking and realized that Jake started at QT about a month after we started dating. That means we've been together for five years now too. I know it doesn't seem like a long time but we think it's pretty stinkin cool. Congratulation Jake! We love you. In baby news, the kids are doing great. Carter and Hudson are up on all fours tryig to crawl and sit. Ella is still pulling up on everything. Still no words yet but we care really working on it. Their new favorite thing to do is crawl under the excersaucer and get stuck so I have to crawl in there and get them. It becomes difficult at times because I am not the limber gal I used to be. The kids also got some new big kid PJs this week. They are too cute in them. We had to find some with rubber feet because they will be walking before you know it.

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Mari Goerlich said...

Oh my goodness, those are some cutie patooties! Thanks for sharing your comment on my blog site, I really needed that today. To see how beautifully healthy your kiddos are today is really comforting. - Mari (