Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Born together, friends forever"

There is a woman in Arlington who just had quadruplets and on her blog header she has "Born together, friends forever." Today it really hit home. I had the most fun moment since becoming a mom to triplets. I was folding laundry in the living room while the kids were taking a nap, and all of the sudden I hear giggling. I wait for a minute, and the giggling turns to full on belly laughs. I went to their room and looked through a crack in the door and the kids are staring at eachother cracking up. One of them would make a funny noise and the other two would laugh, then someone else would yell and the laughter started all over again. It was just so much fun standing at the door knowing that these three kids are always going to be there for eachother. They will always have a friend to back them up. It's AWESOME!!! I know that we all have brothers or sisters and friends that are there for us, but this is different I think. These babies have been together since day 1, literally!


Kelly said...

That is such a cute story!! It's amazing how soon babies are their own little people.

Casey's trio said...

Hi Lindsay!
Thanks for stopping by our blog and saying hello...I love finding other triplet moms out in blogger world.
So about your stroller question...honestly, no I wouldn't recommend you spending the money on the triple decker and toddler seats. I got much more use out of the stroller and it was easier to manage when my girls were infants and the carseats snapped into it. The toddler seats did not fit into it as safely and my husband had to weld some extra support onto the frame so that they fit into it better. I would actually recommend the Step 2 choo-choo wagon if you are looking for something else to use with your kiddos. Cut and paste this link to check it out.
Not sure if you are familiar with the choo choo or not, but the first 2 cars come together and you have to order the third car separately. The third car isn't always available, because the company always sells out and you may have to wait to buy it.
I like the choo-choo because the girls can climb in and out of it themselves and it has seat belts to keep them in safely. Now that they are older, they really enjoy riding in it much more than the stroller. Because the third car detaches, you can take it places with you also. And, I imagine we will use it for the next couple of years and it's cheaper than buying another triplet stroller. It's pretty popular with triplet moms. It looks like your kids are at the perfect age for it since they are sitting up and becoming more mobile!

Sorry for the long winded response. I look forward to checking out your blog...they were good size babies when they were born!

Brianne said...

I just came across your blog through another multiples blog. I have boy girl twins that were born 11/7/06 so just a little older than your triplets. Love the header picture, those are always my favorite pics to take of mine. Cute babies!