Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dr., Dr., give me the news.....

I've got a bad case of......nothing! We are perfectly healthy! Dr. McGehee was very impressed with the growth and development of all three kidlets. Only bad news is, Carter has to give up his bubba by ten months. Yep, I was going to wait until one year, but the Doc said toss it! I'm going to just give it to him at night for two weeks and then throw it away, hopefully that will make it a little easier on him. Probably not but one can hope right? So here are the official nine month stats.

Hudson: 18 lbs 9 oz. and 27 1/2" long
Ella: 20 lbs 0 oz. and 28 1/2" long
Carter: 17 lbs 11 oz and 27 1/2" long

Hudson and Carter are in the 47th percentile which the doctor said was awesome!!! Ella, my big chunk of love, is in the 98th percentile. That's right ladies and gentleman, only two percent of the babies in the world are bigger than the eight week premature little girl. Dr. McGehee was pretty shocked and said he thinks she should slow down on growth while the boys will continue to catch up, hopefully. In other news, Ella has now started biting. She bit Hudson on the face twice yesterday and he now has one giant bite mark on each cheek. She hasn't done it today, so we will see how it goes. Here is a pic of them on our way to the doctor and Hudson's souvenir from Ella.


McNulty Quads said...

Hi Barron Family!

Thank you for the note on our site.

You have a beautiful family!! Glad to see everyone healthy and doing well.

Kelly said...

What is a bubba? A pacifier?