Monday, September 3, 2007

Happy Labor Day!

We are back from Arkansas! We had a great time at my friend's wedding and the kids were awesome. It was a six hour drive and they didn't fuss at all. While were driving, Jake said, "I can't believe how good they are!" I think it is because we do travel so much and they took there first long car ride home when they were two months old. I have officially decided, training works. The kids were great at the hotel, much better behaved than the extremely loud group of teenagers next to us who were still up at 2:00 in the morning. Seriously, where were their parents? Saturday, we hung out at the hotel and watched football. By the way, who gets married on opening weekend of college football? The kids stayed outside during the wedding because I didn't want to be that person whose kid starting screaming. We stayed at the reception until about 10:30. The kids slept through the whole thing, LOUD music and all. I danced my little butt off and could not have been more sore the next morning. Two things I don't do anymore is extra physical activity and wear high heels. I did both on Saturday night and my body and feet paid for it on Sunday. All in all it was a great trip and a great first family vacation!
PS: I only got a few pictures because my camera battery died.

In their cribs at the hotel

Me and Ell hanging out watching some football


granna said...

Hi guys! I have been away from the computer over the holiday so I am just now seeing the pics! How great you all did on the trip and obvioulsy Hudson is a real comedian! I love Carter's laughing!! We love you all and appreciate the news!

Jessica said...

Found you randomly from the quad's blog page. You have the cutest family! I will be back! : )