Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy late Thanksgiving...Happy early Birthday!

Jake the kids and I just got back from Oklahoma. We drove up last week and spent the holidays with our families. We also celebrated the kids first birthday while we were at my parents house. It's a little early but their birthday is so close to Christmas that we wont be back up there until a few weeks after their actual birthday (Dec. 8th). They got alot of good stuff! My parents got them those adorable chairs from Pottery Barn and my dad built them a book case and filled it with books for their room. They also got a three seat teeter-totter and super cute Osh-Kosh overalls from my Nanna and Poppa. Then, my aunt, Grandma Vicky, Nanna and Poppa and my parents all went in and got the kids a flat screen TV with built in DVD player for their playroom. I also got a new camera so I have been taking tons of pictures the last few days. I put them all together in a slideshow because I couldn't choose just a few to post. Hudson had an ear infection so he looks a little sick in all the pictures, but we had a great time!

PS: Jon I fixed it to where anybody can leave a comment without having to sign in, so now your obligated!

*UPDATE:* Thanks to everyone who helped me figure this out! I was making it way more difficult than it should have been!


Anonymous said...
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Jeannie said...

Happy Birthday babies!! Your children are so beautiful!