Friday, November 16, 2007

Time flies when you're having fun!

Hard to believe, but one year ago today, I was admitted to the hospital at exactly 29weeks. I had had my bag packed for the past couple weeks, but every time we went to the doctor, she sent me home. I was very ready to be admitted. I was very uncomfortable at home and was afraid something would happen while Jake was at work, and we lived about 25 minutes away from the hospital, with no traffic. So it was finally time to settle in to "Hotel Baylor", where I would remain for the next 3 weeks until the little munchkins came eight weeks early. We are so grateful for the amazing staff at Baylor. I had awesome nurses and the Neonatologists were two of the most awesome and sweet people I have ever encountered.

Me a few days before the kids were born during our daily monitoring sessions(Those were miserable by the way!)

We are getting revved up for the babies first holiday season. Thanksgiving last year was spent in the hospital, Jake's family all drove down. Christmas was spent traveling back and forth the the NICUs with my family down here. We already have the kids Thanksgiving outfits bought and ready to go, and we are going to look for their Christmas outfits next week when we are up in Oklahoma. I am excited that our family will able to be all together this year. It should be alot of fun.

Here are the kids the day we got to bring them home!

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Tammy said...

I check your blog almost every day. I love getting to look at the pictures and read what has been going on with you, Jake and the babies. I guess we'll have to start calling them the toddlers, huh? They have grown so much this year! They are adorable and you are doing a great job.
Love you,
Aunt Tammy
Christmas is going to be SO much fun!