Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Birthday Aftermath

Well the kids had a good birthday yesterday. We went up to the hospital and visited the NICU. We wanted to say thanks for everything that they had done for us. We took them some doughnuts and they couldn't believe how big the kids were. After that, we just hung out at the house and played all day. They also took a two hour nap in the afternoon which was awesome. They normally only sleep forty five minutes, and then they also slept without a peep last night so we feel very rested! I have to post some pictures, they wore their new overalls that they got for their birthday and they looked too cute. Very grown up.

Mr. Hud looking so grown up

Miss Ell looking very big

Carter man says "Yeah, I know I'm cute"

This is the tree in the lobby of the hospital, I got to watch them decorate it last year. It's three stories tall!


Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to you! Your trio is soooo cute! I hope you all had a wonderful 1st birthday! Mine will be 2 in a few short months. It is so hard to believe how time flies!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday Barron Triplets! Isn't it crazy how fast a year can go by? All those days you never thought you would even leave the hospital and now a year later and time just won't stand still! They look so precious in their overalls. Is Christmas going to be fun this year or what?