Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ella Jewel Barron

Dear Miss Ell,
Happy Birthday baby girl! I can't believe it has been a year. I can remember how tiny you were in your little crib just after you were born. You were so cute with your little chubby cheeks and your dark curly hair! I have never met a child that is more hot and cold than you. You are content to play by yourself for hours one day and the next you do not want me to put you down. You can be the bossiest little girl and then do something so sweet. You were the first to roll over, get teeth, sit up, stand and now walk. You use all of those to your advantage(biting, sitting and standing on your brothers). You always try to stay one step ahead of your brothers, and most of the time you dominate them. Even when you were in my belly, you took up the entire left side. If I tried to sleep on my left side, you would push against my belly until I rolled over. Obviously, you've known how to get your way from the beginning! It works on your Daddy, but not on your Momma. You make the funniest faces, and it seems like everyday you come up with a new one. To be honest, I'm always excited to see what you come up with next! I love you very much and am excited to see everything to come!


PS: The commenters are really slacking! C'mon people, I don't do this for my own entertainment, let's hear it! Enjoy the video!


Ally said...

Hi- I found your blog a few months ago through a friend of a friend type thing. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your precious babies- I work from home and have 2 kiddos ( ages 1 and 13) so when I have days that I wonder how I will get it all done I think of you and know that it can be done :) Happy
B-day to your crew !!

Anonymous said...

V cute! It about made me cry and I don't even know you guys

JennGooden said...

Hey Girl,
I absolutely love reading about your sweet family and seeing all the great pictures! I was looking through them last night with my husband and he said "Could you imagine, 3 at once! Yet she looks great, not tired at all" Haha. You are such an incredible momma :) You have inspired us to create a blog once we have our first baby as well. It must be great to have all of these memories. It is so much fun to see all that is happening in your life after all the days in high school :) Congrats again and Happy Birthday to the little ones.
Jen Berry Gooden

Jes said...

Hello! I stumbled across your blog thru another triplet blog.....and the front picture of your 3 babies caught my attention. They are soooo very cute and you do a wonderful job with the blog. Love the picture videos that you did! Such a nice thing....Hope your babies have a Happy Birthday

jenn said...

hi there
remember me< jenn from good old st johns?????????
i talked to susan last night and she mentioned that she had gone to your blogspot, your kiddos are soooooooo cute. i hope that everything is going well for you. miss all those good old nights we all worked together. email me if you wish to. would love to hear from you again
jenn :o)