Friday, December 21, 2007

Gettin' geared up!

The kids and I are getting geared up for the big Holiday week ahead of us. Me and the kids are packed and ready to go. As soon as Jake gets home he'll pack his stuff, we'll load the car and be ready to go. Hopefully we will be on the road by 7:30 tomorrow morning. But the way the past few nights have gone, we may already be half way there by 7:00. The boys have decided that sleeping is highly overrated. They don't discriminate. We are not just boycotting night time sleeping but also naps. If I'm lucky, I can get thirty minutes of uninterrupted silence to try to get all my stuff done. I don't know what the problem is with these two, but it's about to kill me. My neck and back hurt from wrestling babies in the wee hours of the morning. Me and the boys used to sleep on the couch when they woke up because I don't want them in our bed. But the past week or two, it has been so cold that we freeze to death and I break down and take them into our room. It doesn't seem to make a difference, their bed, the couch, our bed, sleep has yet to come easy anywhere we go. Hopefully tonight, hopefully, they will sleep so we can get a good night's rest before our journey in the morning. Here's to dreaming!!! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Holiday. Merry Christmas!!

Here are some pics of the kids first Christmas. They were in the hospital last year so this is like their first real Christmas. We are super excited! (Especially because I get to open all of their gifts)

Hudson was worn out from all the eating.

Miss Ell was exhausted from playin dress up!

Carter man resting after a big day of breathing all on his own

The sweet nurses at Baylor made the kids little Santa outfits and Santa came to visit them on Christmas. Carter was already transferred over to Cook's so he didn't get to see Santa but he got to try on his outfit for all the ladies. Dr. Simpson called it his Chip-N-Dale suit!

Hudson's first encounter with the big man in red!

Ella and her Jazz hands for Santa

Carter is thinking "Oh crap, is this lady going to dress me up everytime she comes to see me?"


Leslie said...

Sooooooooooo cute!! What a hard holiday that must have been?? I hope you have such a blessed holiday together this year.
Were your kiddos at Baylor downtown?? That's where my boys were.
Anyway Merry Christmas!

Leslie said...

Thank you so much for letting me know that your boys didn't sit up on time either. I have searched blogs and online and can't seem to find any other preemies that were as lazy as mine. Your kiddos all seem to be doing great despite sitting at a late age.

MANY THANKS again for your comment!!

Melissa said...

SOOOOOOO precious! This year will be so much fun for you guys! Enjoy the time with your family and have safe travels. Can't wait to see pics! Merry Christmas!