Thursday, December 20, 2007


Well, "Christmas 2007 Shopping Extravaganza" was a huge success. Me and the kids left the house a little after seven and headed to Wal-Mart. Got that done in record time. Next was a stop off at Target. In and out like the speed of light. We got home at about 9:45 for the kids snack and nap. After their nap, we headed out to the mall for some Wendy's chicken nuggets and fries. All I wanted at the mall was a Christmas/festive shirt for the kids. And no it's not their first Christmas, so apparently children don't need holiday shirts if it's not their first. We searched everywhere for something wintry. I finally found cute little Henley's with a moose on them at Gymboree, but they were $19.99 a piece, and I refuse to spend $60.00+ dollars on three moose shirts when Jake and I are wearing the exact same things over and over. I decided the kids had enough clothes at home and off we went. Overall, the kids did soooo good. Not to many people bothered us. I believe everyone is in their last minute shopping daze and are oblivious of their surroundings. After the kids afternoon nap we went for a walk at the park in their new Choo-Choo wagon. Overall shopping experience, two thumbs up!

Here is a cute pic of the kids in their wagon


MOM said...

How do you go shopping with three little ones? I have two and they go in different directions and they are older!!!! I cant even concentrate with them. That is awesome.

Hilary Murphy said...

I saw your blog on Leslie's Joy and Endurance blog. I am a friend of Leslie's and also a triplet. There are two girls and one boy. We are now 28 and are so close! My parents made sure we were all individuals not just "the triplets", but it is crazy how parallel our lives are! Your babies are beautiful! I enjoyed seeing your blog and relating it to all the stories my parents have told us about raising triplets! Merry Christmas!