Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another month, has come gone

Thirteen, the kids were thirteen months old yesterday, I can't believe it! Here is a quick update on the kiddos:

Hudson: Weight - 22 lbs.
Tooth count - 16, yes 16!
Favorites - Animal Cookies and Juice
Dislikes - Anything stacked or aligned, he freaks out!
Mobility - Can officially be classified a walker, a wobbly one, but a walker

Ella: Weight - 24 lbs
Tooth Count - 16, a piranha!
Favorites - her "Little People" toys
Dislikes - sharing
Mobility - main form of transportation, walking

Carter: Weight - 22 lbs
Tooth Count - 16, chomp, chomp
Favorites - playing catch
Dislikes - being thrown in the air
Mobility - half and half / walking and crawling

I can't believed they are getting so old and growing so fast, seems like yesterday we were bringing them home from the hospital, and now I think we can officially call ourselves toddlers! Yipes!


Lauren said...

Hi Lindsay,

Long time reader, first time commenter here! I was just wondering what kind of camera you use. Your pictures of the kiddos always have great quality and I'm needing a new camera pretty badly!
By the way, your children are PRECIOUS!! My and my hubby are trying for our first, so I just LOVE reading all these mommy blogs!

Lauren in Fort Worth

Barron Triplets said...

Lauren -

The pictures of the kids on the swings and a few others were taken with a 35 mm Canon. The other ones were taken with a Nikon digital camera. Good luck with the "trying"!

Leslie said...

They are all so cute! We are only 3 months shy of being 13 months as well. I can't believe it!! I'm a bit sad about them turning 1 but I keep hearing that it gets even more fun. Happy 13th Months! That's huge.