Monday, January 7, 2008

Party like a rock star!

Hope everyone had a good weekend. The weather here was so nice. It was like 75 on Saturday and almost 80 on Sunday, so needless to say we spent alot of time outside. Friday night, our friends Brady and Ashley came over and we played a little "Guitar Hero". That's right, nothing like a couple of 20 something couples rocking out on the Wii. We had a good time. The kids went to sleep before B and A came over but surprise, surprise the boys woke up and decided to join the party.

Party like a Rock Star. It was a surprise visit, so I already had my PJs on. Oh yeah, nothing says rock star like pajamas at 8 o'clock.

Jake was basically terrible at the game so he was a poor sport and quit.

Carter was unimpressed with his father's guitar playing abilities.

Saturday, we took down all of our light fixtures and cleaned them. Again, party like a rock star. We also spray painted them all to match, and they turned out surprisingly well. We went for a couple walks around the neighborhood and took the kids to the park to swing. Sunday afternoon, we gave our cars a bath, they were horribly dirty, and got the T&C all cleaned up and the Pilot looking sharp. I also made brownies and let the kids lick some of the batter which they loved!]

Ella really loved it, and was highly disappointed when it was gone!

Hope every one's weekend found them well, and Happy Monday!

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Cindy & Brian said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Guitar Hero! I keep trying to justify us buying it for our own house. I think I'll just have to cave in and get it! LOL :)