Thursday, January 17, 2008

MDO Success!

The kids did great yesterday! They said that they played very well with the other two babies, and not one tear out of any of them. Yeah for them! They also played so hard that took a two hour nap (unheard of) when we got home. Then last night, they slept so good and we had to finally wake them up at eight this morning. It was awesome! Sorry such a short post, I've gotta go cook dinner. Mmmmm, enchiladas!

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Kim aka: The twins mommy said...

Hi, I'm a mother of twin 2 year old boys and just started looking for a MDO program. When I googled your blog came up. Your kids are sooooo adorable!!!! I was wondering where you found a MDO about how much it is. The boys have been home with me since birth and I'm really scared about leaving them with anyone but family. But I'm really wanting them to have play time with other children and could use some mommy time.
Thanks so much