Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Note....

To my dear sweet boys,
Why do you fight sleep so. You go to sleep without much fuss, only to wake an hour or two later. You are not hungry nor thirsty. You are not wet or dirty. You are clean, warm and tired. If you could tell me what was wrong, I would fix it in a second. I am getting rather tired and quite frankly, a little annoyed, at our current sleeping situation. All I ask is for one peaceful slumber, to regain my strength to handle you little monsters all day. Just one blissful night, to remember what it feels like to wake up not dreading the day that lays before me. I love both and it's a good thing you are cute, because there are nights when I would like to put you in a box and ship you off to your grandparents. One night, please!

Your loving, yet unbelievably exhausted Momma

Here is an picture of the adorable aforementioned nighttime terrors, also known as Hudson and Carter.


Leslie said...

You can handle SO much more with a good nights sleep. So sorry your boys aren't sleeping well. Maybe they need a benadryl...really seems to help me! :)

Cherie said...

Have our boys been conspiring together????

Melissa said...

What is it with boys not wanting to sleep? Mine fights it till the death at night while my daughter sleeps peacefully in her bed. I think he just wants to stay up and catch Sportscenter highlights with his daddy!