Thursday, January 31, 2008

To Good To Be True?

The kids were so unbelievably good yesterday, it was almost a little ridiculous! They played all morning, and then took a TWO HOUR NAP! Then we ate lunch, and they played some more, and then took ANOTHER TWO HOUR NAP! Then they ate dinner, played, had baths, and went to sleep like little angels, and slept pretty good. What have all the whiners gone, I ask you? Hopefully they will have another good day today. It has been so windy that we havn't beent able to go outside, so if they get cranky, we may go out to lunch for a little change of scenery. Other than that, every thing is going well. I also figured out a little trick for the kids and their breathing treatments. I started swaddling them in their bath towels like i did when they were babies. They can't wiggle all over the place, and they actually kind of like it. So that has cut down the time some. Yeah!

Here is a pic of Ella, wearing Huddy's bath towel! Doesn't she look thrilled?


Leslie said...

So glad you had such a good day. You definitely deserve a few here and there. What are the breathing treatments for?? Happy Thursday.

Barron Triplets said...

The breathing treatments are for their upper respitory area i guess. My pedi told me to use it any time they get a cold.

Melissa said...

4 hours of peace and quite??? You lucky dog you! Don't you just appreciate the "good" days so much more with multiples? I am so proud of your babies for sitting so still for you. Mine would never sit that still that long!