Friday, February 29, 2008

And this to shall pass......Part 2!

So Monday morning we wake up, and I start to get me and the kids ready for lunch with Jake's family (it was his mom's bday). Everything is going fine until Hudson pukes all over himself and the floor. So I get him cleaned up and get everybody changed, because we have to match, and out the door we go. They were great at lunch but didn't eat very much which is very odd for them. Hudson was dirty so I took him to the van to change him and he pukes everywhere and proceeds to poop everywhere. All over himself, all over the van, everywhere. So needless to say we load up and head back to my parents. The rest of the day was filled with cleaning up poop and throw up for all three. Although not constant, it was not the best. Tuesday we load up and head for Texas and Hudson throwing up again, which made for a long, stinky trip. We get home and what ensues, can only be classified as a marathon of sorts. A puking, pooping marathon. In one hour time, we went through 9 sheets, 9 baths, 6 towels, 37 clothing changes, 2 sofa cover changes, and countless cups of pedialyte. They finally fell asleep at about 11:00 and slept pretty good until about 6:00 where we were greeted with the most foul smelling combo of poop and puke. What a lovely way to start the day! So Wednesday is more of the same. Clothes, sheets, baths, drinks and repeat. Finally we took them for a walk because the smell was starting to get to us. When we came back, it was like they had never been sick at all. They ate, they played, no threw-up, but we still have the poops a little, which I can handle. So we are now almost back to 100%. Every day has been better than the one before, so I can't ask for much else!

Here are some pics of what we had to resort to when we ran out of clothes. I only had one pair on boys pants left and a bunch of girls pants. So needless to say, instead of making only one of the boys where Ella's pants, they both had to and she wore the boys. I have to say, it gave us a little comic relief. Notice we were down to onesies that I had already packed away. The 12 month clothes are a little snug on our bodies!

Hudson modeling the latest color of the!

Carter looking lovely in lavender

Huddy says, "Who says boys can't pull off brown leggings?"

Carter looks ready for dance class in his ballet pants

Then remembers he is a boy wearing girls pants, so he would like to pout in the corner!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

This to shall pass

That's what I kept saying to myself every time I was puked or pooped on in the last few days. Where to begin, where to begin? As Julie Andrews sings, "Let's start at the beginning, a very good place to start". Friday the kids and I drove up to Tulsa for a quick visit. They were great on the ride up and took a great nap when we got to my parents house. Friday night we went to our friends basketball game and the kids were so well behaved. They sat and watched and clapped and yelled. They slep great on Friday night. Saturday, we went shopping for Easter outfits. Found the cutest outfits you have ever seen, but you'll have to wait to see pictures. Hey, I have to keep you comin' back some how right. I digress. They were very well behaved at the mall. Sunday, we went to church and they were little angels in the nursery. Sunday night was a little rough and I guess you could say it was the beginning of the end. To be continued........

Here's some cute pics of the kids from this weekend, before the plague hit us!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Outside Play Date

It was beautiful outside yesterday, so what else did we do? We played outside. The kids swing outside all the time, but this was the first time they got to get down in the grass and play. Our neighbor gave us a little playhouse that his grandkids outgrew. I cleaned it up and the kids love it. Here's a few pics from their outside adventure!

Huddy loved his new playhouse

Ella was more interested in posing for the camera

And flirting with the camera

Carter enjoyed sitting more than playing at first

Then he decided that playing looked like fun

Ella and Huddy thought it would be fun to chase the dogs

C'mon little brother, I'll help you up!

It is so fun to see them interact and play with eachother. Most of the time, they play really well together. They have their occasional tiffs, but who doesn't?! Hope everyone has a lovely and fun filled day!

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Wheels!

Well the kids got new wheels today. New strollers that is. They outgrew their first umbrella stroller we purchased and made back in October. So off to Babies-R-Us we went. I'm not quite sure why companies don't make triple strollers that are reasonably priced. Triplets are not as rare as they used to be and I know for a fact, buying a stroller for triplets is one of the hardest things to do, because they just don't make many. But I digree. I buy seperate strollers, and then Jake welds them together to make one. So for $200.00, I got all three kids a new stroller that has a weight limit of 55 pounds for each seat. That is huge. Most umbrella strollers are only to about 37 pounds each. The seats also recline so if one of them falls asleep, although highly unlikely, they won't be all slumped over and uncomfortable. So tonight Jake and I are setting out to make three single strollers, into one triplet stroller. Hopefully it will turn out as good as our other. Our new challenge, is how to get the back wheels to swivel so I can slide through doors and aisles at the mall. If we get that figured out, it will be perfect.

This was our first stroller invention. It worked great, but the kids are just getting too big! Look how short everyone's hair is, this was in October.

Our new wheels, a little more colorful than our last.

New five point harnesses ensure babies safety and comfort!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Huddy and Hernias

Hudson's surgery was this morning and it went great. He had a hernia on each side and a ton of fluid. Dr. Bliss fixed him right up and he said he did great! He woke up and didn't cry at all, drank his juice and did just fine. We loaded him up brought him home and he is playing just like normal. He is still a little sleepy, but other than that, you would never know he had anything done. Apparantly, he toughened up over night just like I asked him too! HaHa! They said he could eat and play just like normal but no riding toys, so we had to take all those out of the room, but no one seemed to miss them. Here are a few pics of the Hud-Man today. Thanks for all your prayers!

Huddy with his daddy before surgery

Could he look any cuter in that little gown?!

This was just after his little relaxer med kicked in. Looking like he had a few too many cocktails.

Checking out the view on the ride home from the hospital

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy V-Day everybody. Hope everyone remembered to get their lovely others a card or some sweets. The kids got a Valentine's card from Jake and me and as you can see they were thrilled. No chocolate just yet, we're still a little young to have a sweet tooth.

Hudson is super excited for his Momma to be his Valentine

Ella loved her purple card

Carter is not quite sure why the other two were so excited.

I had to take the kids to the doctor yesterday. Ella and Carter both have an ear infection. Hudson is fine though. He does have a little bit of asthma but we are already doing the breathing treatments so that should help. The doc weighed them yesterday and the boys are tied at 22 lbs. 15 oz., and Ella is weighing in at a portly 23lbs. 15 oz. The boys are finally catching up. I thought they would have slowed down in their weight gain some because they are so active running all over the place.

Hudson's surgery is tomorrow so wish us luck and remember him in your prayers. It's a pretty minor deal, but it is his first surgery so I'm a little nervous for him. He got his father's pain tolerance so a little scrape can sometimes seem like the end of the world to him. Hopefully he will toughen up overnight and be a little trooper!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Beautiful Day!

This weekend was so nice! It was about 75 degrees Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So needless to say, we spent alot of time outside. My parents came down this weekend for a quick visit and we went to the park on Saturday. We let the kids out of their wagon to run around since their were people to help me watch them. They absolutely loved it. They did really good, and no one ate any wood chips, much to my surprise.

Hudson running like the wind

Ella checkng out the slide

Carter not quite sure what to think of all the nature

We took a walk around the park and enjoyed the fresh air in our stylish wagon

Sunday was spent hanging out relaxing in the swings. It is so much easier to just walk to the backyard than have to load the kids up and walk all the way to the park. They each have their own swing now instead of the boys sharing one. They are getting a little big for that.

It's supposed to be a little bit cooler this week but still warm enough for outside time which is great, these babies love their outside time!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Presents galore!

That's right, this weekend was full of presents and surprises! On Friday, Jake took me to buy a new camera. So exciting. I got a Canon Rebel XTI, and it is freakin' awesome. I love it so much. I take so many pictures and I hate waiting to get the film developed so this is sort of my Happy Birthday/Valentine's/Anniversary/Merry Christmas/Thanks for carrying my three babies gift, since Jake and I don't normally by gifts for eachother for those occasions. I've already taken all new pictures for all of the frames in our house. The kids are going to get very good at posing!

I'm still learning how to work the camera, but here is a few pics of the kids. It is unbelievable the quality of the pictures this camera takes. Don't worry, I'll show you plenty! Here is a little sampling of my work.

Jake also got a gift this weekend.

Yes this monstrosity, also known as a golf practice net, is currently residing in our backyard. Don't worry, it will be moved to the sideyard b/c that is where the kid's playhouse is going. He said, "It's a little bigger than I thought." Yeah, ya think! Oh well, I hit golf balls too so it's fun for me as well, even though it is a bit of an eye sore.

The kids also got some goody's this weekend as well. We went to IKEA on Saturday with my mom and dad. They came down to visit. The kids got a new table for their playroom for us to eat our snacks at. It takes forever to get them to their highchairs and get them buckled in just to eat a snack. So we bought them this little table to sit at, and they can enjoy coloring at it in a few months. Yeah, I love crayons! They also got a new shelf with bins to hold all of their toys. They have alot more room on the floor now since all their toys are up in the shelves.

I'll post more pics of our outside time this weekend! It was so warm!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Celebration!

The kids and Jake decorated the whole house for my birthday on Friday. There were streamers, balloons, signs, and more balloons. They also got me a special birthday hat to wear in my official birthday picture. We decided we are going to do this every year to see how much the kids have changed. And I guess to see how old I look too! HaHa!

This was last year's birthday.

This was this year. Look at the kids not me, I look a little rough, I had just rolled out of bed.

Here are my decorations, didn't they do a good job.

On another note, the kids are doing great. They are feeling back to 100% which makes my life alot easier. They are taking great naps and sleeping really well at night. I think they must be going through a growth spurt, b/c they normally don't sleep so well. The weather has been so nice the past week, we have been spending most of our time outside on the swings and playing in the grass. I took some pics of them during their first grasss experience and I'll post them as soon as I get them developed. Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Big Boy Cuts!

Well the boys got their first haircuts on Saturday. We took them to Cool Cuts, which is a place just for kids. It was pretty neat. They have video games, movies, for the older kids, and fire trucks and police cars for the little ones to sit in and drive while their getting their snip. The boys did OK. Hudson went first, he did great and just sat their like a little man and drove the taxi around. Carter on the other hand, started screaming from the time she put the cape on, until the time he was in the van. But all in all, it was not a bad experience.

After haircuts, we went to lunch at Southlake Town Square. It was so nice outside, we really enjoyed the weather. The kids took a long nap in the car so Jake and I drove around for about 2 hours. We had a good time just talking and enjoying the sun. Here's a few pics from this weekend! Hope everyone had a good one.

Mr. Hud enjoying his scalp treatment

Miss Ell wondering if she has to go next

Carter and those eyes. I love it!

Ella and Hudson now hold hands all the time in the car, couldn't be cuter!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to.........

Me! That's right, today I'm the big two four. That's 24 folks. I guess you can officially move me from "early twenty's" to "mid twenty's" Yikes! Mid twenty's is where you go when you are getting close to thirty!! AAAAHHHHH! Oh well, I guess it happens to everyone. At least Jake will always be older than me! HaHa!

The kids had a pretty good day yesterday. They were a little cranky and didn't take very good naps, but they slept great last night, so that was good. I think today that I will treat them, and by them I mean me, to a little Sonic or Chik-Fil-A for a good behavior week. And tonight, we are going to my favorite place in the world, McAlister's. Hooray for sweet tea, no lemon.

This weekend, I am going to stay with my best friend in Dallas. She has planned a birthday night for me at some fun places. Jake has called in reinforcements and I will be departing the lovely abode on Saturday afternoon, and returning Sunday morning. I'm sure we will be going to some super trendy, super expensive place when we go out. But that's OK, I'm going to get to wear some of my new shiny clothes that are just hanging on their little wooden hangers, begging to be worn! We'll see how it goes! I'm a little nervous. I haven't been actually out, out, in quite some time. I hope I remember how to socialize with other adults. Note to self, don't mention the word poop. I think if I remember that, I'll be OK!

Here are some pics of the kids from my b-day last year. They were almost two months old!

The whole gang, not super happy about the hats!

Hudson was highly unimpressed.

Ella was quite angered by the whole situation.

Carter said "Just shut up so they can take the picture, then maybe they'll take off these dumb hats!"