Friday, February 29, 2008

And this to shall pass......Part 2!

So Monday morning we wake up, and I start to get me and the kids ready for lunch with Jake's family (it was his mom's bday). Everything is going fine until Hudson pukes all over himself and the floor. So I get him cleaned up and get everybody changed, because we have to match, and out the door we go. They were great at lunch but didn't eat very much which is very odd for them. Hudson was dirty so I took him to the van to change him and he pukes everywhere and proceeds to poop everywhere. All over himself, all over the van, everywhere. So needless to say we load up and head back to my parents. The rest of the day was filled with cleaning up poop and throw up for all three. Although not constant, it was not the best. Tuesday we load up and head for Texas and Hudson throwing up again, which made for a long, stinky trip. We get home and what ensues, can only be classified as a marathon of sorts. A puking, pooping marathon. In one hour time, we went through 9 sheets, 9 baths, 6 towels, 37 clothing changes, 2 sofa cover changes, and countless cups of pedialyte. They finally fell asleep at about 11:00 and slept pretty good until about 6:00 where we were greeted with the most foul smelling combo of poop and puke. What a lovely way to start the day! So Wednesday is more of the same. Clothes, sheets, baths, drinks and repeat. Finally we took them for a walk because the smell was starting to get to us. When we came back, it was like they had never been sick at all. They ate, they played, no threw-up, but we still have the poops a little, which I can handle. So we are now almost back to 100%. Every day has been better than the one before, so I can't ask for much else!

Here are some pics of what we had to resort to when we ran out of clothes. I only had one pair on boys pants left and a bunch of girls pants. So needless to say, instead of making only one of the boys where Ella's pants, they both had to and she wore the boys. I have to say, it gave us a little comic relief. Notice we were down to onesies that I had already packed away. The 12 month clothes are a little snug on our bodies!

Hudson modeling the latest color of the!

Carter looking lovely in lavender

Huddy says, "Who says boys can't pull off brown leggings?"

Carter looks ready for dance class in his ballet pants

Then remembers he is a boy wearing girls pants, so he would like to pout in the corner!


the schirano triplets said...

What a smelly couple of days for you all! I am glad to hear the everyone is on the mend and hope that you are all back to 100% very soon! Love the boys in the girls pants, and the pictures are priceless!

Anonymous said...

Poor babies and parent! What an ordeal. Glad to hear everyone is mending-finally! The boys look so cute-especially in the corner!

Cherie said...

I hate that you guys had the same week we did.
We resorted to tight fitting Christmas pajamas. :-)

Cindy & Brian said...

Ohmygosh, I LOVE this! SO funny! The boys look adorable in the girly pants!! SO SORRY everyone was sick - I can't even imagine the smell!!! Glad everyone is better :)

Barbara Manatee said...

I lurk in once in a while. I have twins just about 2 weeks older that your 3. Anyways, just wanted to say, I could relate somewhat - have had similar stomach bugs around here lately. Its bad enough with two...I can't imagine 3! Glad you survived and hope they are all doing better now!