Sunday, February 10, 2008

Presents galore!

That's right, this weekend was full of presents and surprises! On Friday, Jake took me to buy a new camera. So exciting. I got a Canon Rebel XTI, and it is freakin' awesome. I love it so much. I take so many pictures and I hate waiting to get the film developed so this is sort of my Happy Birthday/Valentine's/Anniversary/Merry Christmas/Thanks for carrying my three babies gift, since Jake and I don't normally by gifts for eachother for those occasions. I've already taken all new pictures for all of the frames in our house. The kids are going to get very good at posing!

I'm still learning how to work the camera, but here is a few pics of the kids. It is unbelievable the quality of the pictures this camera takes. Don't worry, I'll show you plenty! Here is a little sampling of my work.

Jake also got a gift this weekend.

Yes this monstrosity, also known as a golf practice net, is currently residing in our backyard. Don't worry, it will be moved to the sideyard b/c that is where the kid's playhouse is going. He said, "It's a little bigger than I thought." Yeah, ya think! Oh well, I hit golf balls too so it's fun for me as well, even though it is a bit of an eye sore.

The kids also got some goody's this weekend as well. We went to IKEA on Saturday with my mom and dad. They came down to visit. The kids got a new table for their playroom for us to eat our snacks at. It takes forever to get them to their highchairs and get them buckled in just to eat a snack. So we bought them this little table to sit at, and they can enjoy coloring at it in a few months. Yeah, I love crayons! They also got a new shelf with bins to hold all of their toys. They have alot more room on the floor now since all their toys are up in the shelves.

I'll post more pics of our outside time this weekend! It was so warm!


Cherie said...

I love your playroom!

Leslie A. said...

I love the picture close-line on the wall! what a great idea!

Joy said...

Oh! I'm so excited because I asked for that camera for Valentine's Day and hadn't found anyone who had one to see what they thought of it! You made my day! Now I can really convince my husband that we need one because another triplet mommy said so! :)