Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The boy's new favorite

OK, the boys have a new obsession. The first thing Jake wanted to buy when we found out we were having triplets, were these tiny little velvet cowboy hats. Why cowboy hats? No clue, but we got them. We didn't know if we were having boys or girls yet so everyone got the same color. These hats have been in their playroom all along and they have just discovered them. The boys are now obsessed. They are size 0-3 months so needless to say they are more than a little small on my large headed children, but they love them none the less. In the past their obsessions have only lasted a couple weeks, and then we move on to something new, so we'll see what happens!

Hudson showing Daddy how to put on a cowboy hat

Ella doesn't wear them too often b/c it will mess up her beautiful curls

Carter says "Howdy mam!"


Melissa said...

So stinkin' cute I tell ya! Isn't it funny how they can just discover something one day that has been sitting in front of their face for months? Maybe we should just bag up all the toys and bring out "new" ones each week. We would never have to buy toys again! (but that wouldn't be any fun...who am I kidding?)

Barron Triplets said...

Don't think it hasn't crossed our minds!