Friday, March 21, 2008

Busy Play Day

Should I be offended that as soon as we got to Adventure Kids yesterday, the kids ran straight to their room and could have cared less that I was there? I guess i should be grateful that they don't have horrible abandonment issues, but can i get a few tears, please! Well anyway, the kids were, in the worker's words "absolutely perfect". I'm glad they behaved themselves. I was dreading the phone call telling me we were suspended for biting. How embarrassing would that have been.

When we got home I put them down for a nap thinking they would conk out for hours. Wrong! They slept about 45 minutes and were ready to go. We went outside and played the rest of the day because they were very cranky. Needless to say, they went to bed about half an hour early and were almost asleep before we could get their lotion and PJs on. They slept great and woke up happy and laughing this morning. It's supposed to be gorgeous today so I think I'm going to attempt a trip to the park and let them run around.

Here's some pics from the kids yesterday

The shirt says it all

Ell playing catch with the dogs

My little Hunk-a-Love

The Whole Gang worn out from all the activity

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