Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day.....Yesterday

Hope everyone had a good St. Pat's Day. I also hope everyone remembered to wear their green so they didn't get pinched. We wore our green around here, and ironically, Ella started pinching yesterday. She has these tiny little hands with these dainty little fingers and she can pinch the crap out of you. So we're working on that. Here's some cute pics of the kids yesterday. I didn't buy them St. Pat's shirts b/c they have so many clothes already, and luckily they had a green outfit.

They just almost won't sit still for a group picture anymore

Huddy in his green dinosaur suit

Carter man playin with his cowboy hat

Ella and her crazy curls

This is the boys new favorite thing to do. Don't worry the shelf is attached to the wall.


becky_handsfull said...

Happy, happy!

Harris Boys said...

you do much better than me..I can't get my boys to sit still for 2 seconds. Happy St. Patricks Day