Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hippity Hop!

Well, yesterday we went to see the Easter Bunny. Needless to say it was a traumatic experience for a few of us! We went in the afternoon right after the kids nap so they were in a good mood. We get to the mall and their is no one in line so that's good but the Easter Bunny is not there. I am informed that he is on a carrot juice break and will be back in "about 20 minutes". No big deal, we are all in good spirits. The good attitudes quickly faded as the bunny's short snack then turned into a 45 minute break with what I can only imagine was the biggest glass of carrot juice on the planet. Finally he gets his little hairy behind in the chair and the kids start screaming their heads off. I get them all over there close to the bunny and they decide it is not safe for the bunny to try and hold all three so he stands behind the chair and the kids sit on the bench by themselves. The boys have calmed down by now but Ella keeps turning around and seeing the bunny and starts to cry all over again. They give them these giant plastic eggs to hold which the boys think are balls so they start throwing them and screaming when I won't throw them back. Did I mention there were no safety harnesses on this bench that they were sitting on. So I would literally hold all three of them on the bench and then the camera girl would yell "NOW" and I would have to lunge out of the picture. Oh it was quite the experience for all of us. In the end, their was one picture where all of them were semi-looking at the camera, so that's the one we went with.

Okay, I promised you the cutest outfits in the world. Here they are in all their hat/vest/tie/dress wearin' glory!

Hudster looking very dapper in his Easter attire

Miss Ell looking lovely in her flowing green dress

Carter looks ready for the cover of "Golf Digest"


Ashhog said...

They are SO CUTE!! I love those outfits and your easter bunny story is hilarious! What Fun!

ErinA said...

Those are probably the cutest little Easter babies ever. Im sorry the experience wasn't better for them. But still...too cute!

Harris Boys said...

I love your kids outfits! Where did you find those cute sweater vests and shirts. SO cute. We had a rough time with Santa in Dec. we decided not to try the Easter Bunny this year :)

Anonymous said...

The boys looked great and Ella a true princess.
Uncle hank and Aunt heather.

Collegegirl said...

I know it was a tough day but you will remember it and laugh at this Easter photo. The kiddos look so cute in their Easter outfits.

Cherie said...

We seriously considered those same outfits for our boys. Isn't Children's Place the greatest?? How did you get them to keep the hats on? :-)

I love that you got to buy a pretty green dress for Ella.

You are so great about taking the kids out on your own. Now I may just have to try to take my boys to see the Easter Bunny too!

I wish you guys lived closer so we could have a play date!

Jeannie said...

so stinin' cute!!!

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Love the outfits! So cute!