Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Addition to Our Family!

Yes, we are adding to our family. We have waited so long for this and are so excited! We have hoped and wished for a long time, and now it's finally happen! We found out a couple of weeks ago and could not be more excited!

No, not a baby you crazies! A new couch! (I bet I had you goin' right!) That's right, we are the proud new owners of a leather sofa. (Thanks to my lovely aunt and uncle!) All of mine and Jake's furniture has been hand-me-downs. They are really neat, antique, cool pieces, but they are still hand-me-downs. Well we have said goodbye to our first piece of furniture that we have had since we were married. The red couch! I wrote a little something for big red, enjoy.
Ode to Big Red

My dear big red
to us you've been so kind
to us you were such a find

My dear big red
you didn't cost us a penny
you've given comfort to so many

My dear big red
You have done nothing wrong
to us you weren't quite so long

My dear big red
today you meet your demise
the stripey couch is where everyone lies!

It was a tough choice on which couch to get rid of, we love them both and they are both big and comfy, but in the end, when my parents come, my dad sleeps on the couch (he has a snoring problem) and he needs one where he can stretch out a bit. So I would like to introduce everyone to our newest addition, I haven't thought of a name yet so we'll just call him Big Leathy for now.

In baby news, b/c that's what everyone really wants to know, the kids are doing great! They are eating well and sleeping well too. Everything is back to normal (knock on wood). We're getting ready to head to Wal-Mart so we'll see how a little trip goes. Pray for no puking or pooping while at the store. Ha Ha! They still are a little more sleepy than usual. I went to get them a snack and their juice yesterday and when I came back into the playroom, this is what they looked like!

Ella was sound asleep and the boys woke up when I got the camera out. We're not quite 100%, but we're almost there.


Collegegirl said...

What a great new addition to the family! You did have me going there. Glad the triplets are getting better. It takes time for little systems to recover. They should be back to normal in no time. Glad that the new couch has arrived.

Cherie said...

awww man. . .i was hoping you were pregnant.

Tiffany said...

Oh Ella. You look too cute!!!

And Leathy looks fabulous! He/She (I'd go with a he, unless "Leathy" is like "Heathy/Heather") compliments the table and stars wonderfully.

Momma-of-5 said...

LOVE the new couch. It looks like it was MADE for that spot. I have to admit though, you did give me a mild heart attack. I can't imagine having another after our triplets...but then again...I do have 2 others. So on second thought, go for it!

Tammy said...

You had me going there for a minute. But, whenever you and Jake have more kids (if you do) then you'll do as great with them (yes, I would expect more than one at a time) as you have with these guys. They are so cute!
Aunt Tammy