Monday, March 24, 2008

Oh "Hoppy" Day!

I hope everyone had a very "Hoppy" Easter! HaHa! I know I'm funny. The Easter Bunny made a pit stop in Hurst, TX, and the kids were less than thrilled I must say. After they went to sleep on Saturday, we set up their Easter baskets in their playroom. I'm not quite sure what scared them, other than the different stuff in their playroom. But after we got them calmed down, they decided the plastic eggs were OK. They finally decided to look at the rest of their baskets and came to the conclusion that anyone who brings you a basket of new stuff is alright in their book.

After we played with our baskets for a little while, we got cleaned up and headed to church. The kids wore their cute little Easter outfits and we froze our little butts off. Luckily we found a parking spot close to the door and we weren't outside too long. After church, we came home, put on our PJ's and watched basketball the rest of the day. The kids were great and we played like crazy.

Here's some pics of the kids from Easter morning.

In their Easter baskets, they each got a Dr. Seuss book and the matching stuffed animal character, new Craydoodle crayons, and a little Crayola spiral of white paper to color on.

Hudson enjoying his bunny ears

Miss Ell looking pretty in her ears

Carter inspecting all the baskets

The Whole Gang trying out their new crayons

Overall, the holiday was a success and I hope everyone enjoyed theirs as well!


Anonymous said...

Another great job on the baskets and I love the kids in their ears. Can't wait to see you guys Thursday.
Yia Yia

Miriam said...

your kids are adorable..just a few weeks older than i'm always inspired by your activities for them.

where did you get the playroom table? Sorry if it was on a previous blog..i think it would be great for my twins.

Barron Triplets said...


The table is from IKEA. They have several different styles and we love it! It was really inexpensive too.

Tiffany said...

Your family is so fun!

What great baskets. I'd love one and I'm in my 20's. Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

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