Thursday, March 6, 2008

What a tease she is

Mother Nature that is. That's right, it is raining freezing drizzle outside right now! That's right sleet and snow. Yesterday was 75 degrees and we played outside all day. We even had to come in and put on shorts and sunscreen. Boo this weather!

Here's some pics from our outside adventures yesterday.

Hudson and his new hat to protect him from the rays

Enjoying the fresh air

Ella hated wearing her hat

But then decided it was OK

Carter hated his as well

And did not warm up to the idea

So now we're sitting inside in our PJ's trying to stay warm. Boooooo the cold weather, Boooooo! This is a picture of our neighbor's house across the street!

That's right, that's snow you see.

So yesterday was this

Today is this

I hate the cold!!!!


Anonymous said...

you and me both hate the cold! and we are leaving for Alaska tomorrow morning! kids look great-give them all a kiss from me!!

aunt paula

Collegegirl said...

You have to love Texas weather. I am at college in Abilene and it snowed all morning long and during the afternoon. Yesterday it was 65and today it is currently 32.

Stay warm and hopefully occupied!!

Tiffany said...

Look at how much fun their having on their little teetertot. (I don't think I've ever spelled that word. Is that right?)

I wan to Boo the 75 degree weather that hasn't shown up in our neighborhood since last August. It's ok though becuase it seems as though I get a little seasonal therapy just looking at your "warm" pictures.

Here's hoping mother nature is better to us all.

Tiffany said...

Oh Lordy. Here's to prereading before publishing my comments.

the schirano triplets said...

we just had an enormous warm weather tease ourselves. 60 degrees one day and 32 the next. it almost makes things worse, you finally think the end of winter might be near and you can finally get out of the house. and then, bam! right back to freezing cold. :(

Chelley N said...

I've lurked on your blog frequently (found it through The Dean Triplets) and your kids are absolutley adorable!!! I love the pics of them in Oklahoma shirts... I live in a suburb of Tulsa so I'm a fan! You are SO blessed with 3 beautiful children!!!