Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Welp, I took the boys yesterday to get their little hairs cut. Carter's hair grows super fast like mine and Huddy hasn't had a trim since February so I figured it was probably time for a summer do. They got their little heads buzzed and they look so big and grown up. I thought they might look a little goofy but they sweat so bad when we play I didn't care. They were so good, Huddy sat in the cab and Carter sat in the taxi. Miss Ell sat on me in a nearby chair. I was pretty impressed with their good behavior. I told them twenty dollars in their mythical bank accounts.

The kids have started eating the same things as us for dinner and we all eat together as a family. Not quite the relaxing enjoying together time I was hoping for yet but we'll get there. Well last night I made lasagna. Of course when I say "I", I mean the lovely people at "Stauffers", and by "made", I mean stick in the oven. But either way it was good and the kids loved it. Actually they inhaled it and the boys wanted seconds. It was a little messy but their little belly's sure were stuffed. Here's some pics of the mess that is lasagna night!

Huddy and his buzz cut. His head doesn't look as big as I thought it would! HaHa!

Miss Ell decided to steer clear of the buzz cut this time and keep her locks.

Carter man looking very grown up with his new do.


Sheliza said...

Aww, your kids look so cute with their messy faces! I love "making" Stouffer's lasagne! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Yia Yia loves the hair cuts and Ella's curls as well. That is new for our family. See you Friday.

Collegegirl said...

SO CUTE!!! I love the curls.

Gibson Twins said...

I was thinking of buzzing my little man's hair because it grows so fast and those pics just reinforced that decision to go for it! They look so different but I bet it is a lot cooler for them with warmer weather. I have yet to cut Alli's hair because I am in love with the curly locks :)

Ashhog said...

Cutie Patooties! Love the buzz cuts-and that's how I do lasagna night too, they have great lasagna so why do the whole made from scratch thing when you can get great stuff in a box! :)