Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

I know, I know, it's been forever! We were out of town last week and just got back to TX yesterday. We were up in OK for some tree cutting fun at my parents.

My mom and dad got the kids a playhouse/swingset for their house and in the apocalyptic ice storm late last year, the tree that the playhouse was going to go under began to crumble. They needed to get it down before they put the playhouse up and it gets crushed like a little twig by a really, really big twig. So Saturday the boys did that and the kids and my mom and I played inside. It was cold and rainy, surprise, surprise. It never fails, it can be beautiful up there for weeks and as soon as me and the kids roll into town, it's fourty-five and rainy. Oh well, I guess I should know by now!

The kids are doing great. They have all started doing new thing and it's alot of fun. Hudson can loves to play catch and can actually catch the ball when you throw it to him almost every time. Ella now loves to point at things and look at you to tell her what they are. Cars, planes, spoons, forks, everything. Carter has turned into a dancing machine and I have yet to catch him on video b/c it is so hilarious, when he starts shakin', I laugh way too hard to get up and find the camera.

The boys new favorite game is for me to chase them around in circles. They would be content for hours, if only I had enough stamina to keep it up. I will say "Get down", and they squat like they're getting ready to pounce and then I yell "GO!" and the chaos ensues. They absolutely love it. Ella would rather just sit in her little chair and watch. I know, that sounds way more relaxing!

Here's some pics of the boys and me playing their new favorite game!

"GO!" Don't I look so graceful

Getting ready to pounce! I call this one "Crouching Huddy, Hidden Momma"

Gotcha Huddy!

Carter says "Ahhh! There she is!"

"Holy crap, this lady's everywhere!"

Ella would rather stand on her head than run around like a crazy person.

Her newest athletic feat....the foward roll!

And answers to the questions about the stroller. Yes we use it in public. The mall, the zoo, places like that. You have to walk sideways through doors but it gets the job done. The seats totally recline, so if the kids ever fall asleep we just lay 'em, back. It works well on the grass as we go walking to the park everynight and have to off road through a field to get to the play equipment.


Momma-of-5 said...

I LOVE the pix of you with your kiddos. a) It's always great to see a mom get "down & dirty" with her bunch and b) you look rockin' good! it gives me hope that i'll get rid of this pouch someday!

Harris Boys said...

aw, welcome home! love all the pics of the kiddos playing. my boys love being chased too :) thanks for answering the question about the stroller...just a curious mom..lol.

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