Friday, April 4, 2008

New Kids on the Block!

That's right the NKOB are back in action. I was in the 3rd grade when the "Kids" were in their hey-day. I'm not afraid to say, I had an over sized shirt with all the boys pictures on it. Two things made me feel old this morning. Remembering when over sized clothes when style. And when they said that NKOB hadn't performed together in fifteen years. That's right I was just a little six year old girl with bad bangs, making up dances in my friend Lori's driveway to "Step by Step". Sportin' my XL t-shirt and spandex shorts of course. So mark your calendars folks, "New Kids on the Block" will be performing May 16th on the Today show. I wonder if I still have that shirt?

On to the children. They are super cranksters today. It is 10:30 and they have already been asleep for an hour. They usually don't even go to sleep until 10:45. After trying to play with them and listening to them whine for over an hour, I made the executive decision to stray from the schedule and lay them down for a nap and hour early. You heard me right, I strayed from my schedule, but I'm the mom and I can do that. So they are now sleeping peacefully and I am praying that they wake up in a better mood. They had a great time yesterday at Adventure Kids and then we came home and played outside some. Here's some pics from yesterday!

Ella and Carter playin' Peek-a-boo

Doin' a little teeterin and totterin

Ellster hammin' it up for the camera


Hilary said...

They are such cuties! love Ella's curly hair and bow :) You are such a master organizer too!! Have a great weekend

Momma-of-5 said...

NKOTB! Seriously, YOU feel old? I think I was in HIGH SCHOOL when they were popular!

Burkett Quad Squad said...

your babies (well not babies anymore...)your BIG kids are SO cute! it's hard to believe our quads will that big this year!!

Jeannie said...

my tyler makes the same face that ella is making as she is coming out of the toy house. too cute!

Cherie said...

Glad to see you're "hanging tough"

hee hee hee

I need to see if I can find my neon NKOTB shirt.

the schirano triplets said...

haha! nkotb - what a flashback! i actually do think i have some stuff somewhere...i figured it would come in handy some day :) love the pictures!