Monday, April 21, 2008

We went and got us some culture!

Well we had a pretty good weekend around here. Minus Hudson and Ella acting like the worst children on the face of the planet. Carter was great. Jake was out of town so my Nanna and Poppa came down to lend me hand. I don't know what got into H and E but they were throwing fits and just acting all around terrible. Saturday we decided it was time to get out of the house. My Nanna had seen this article in "Southern Living" before the kids were even born about a sculpture in Dallas, and she has been dying to see it. So after the kids nap Saturday morning, we loaded up and headed to Big D.

We went to the Nasher Sculpture Center in the Arts District in Dallas. First of all we, and by we I mean my Poppa, had to pay ten dollars to park. Ten dollars! And then he had to pay another twenty-four to get into the museum. Oh well, I think it was worth it. Much to my surprise, the kids did not make a peep, literally not a sound while we were at the museum. I was so relieved. I am one of those mom who doesn't enjoy listening to children scream in public places, especially fancy places like a museum. I know you can't help it, but still. So any way we walked around outside b/c it was gorgeous weather and the inside sculptures, I'll just say it, were very weird. Apparently what I call art, and what these cultured people call art are two very different things. Most of the things looked like something a six year old would make in pottery class. And not even a talented six year old! So the kids were perfect, and we just enjoyed the weather and the flowers and the beautiful grass. That should have been some art!

So we finally got around to the piece my Nanna saw in the article, and I have to admit it was really impressive. It is called "Walk to the Sky", and it is this giant steel pole with these people walking straight up it to, well the sky! It was really cool. I took some pictures but you don't really get a feel of how big and straight up it is.

So all in all it was a really good weekend and I feel proud that we got the kids some brand new culture for their little growing minds. The kids are already behaving better since their Daddy's been home. I guess they are getting old enough to realize when he's gone. Here's some pics from our culture adventure!

The trio getting ready to get culturized

My Poppa and Nanny and the kids

Me and the kiddos enjoying some shade

This is the cool sculpture I am standing at the base of it looking straight up.

These are the "people" waiting their turn to climb to the sky

Pretty impressive huh?

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Collegegirl said...

Hope the kiddos act better this week! No telling what got into them. Hopefully they stay content this week. Glad you had some company this week!