Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fun Filled Holiday Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We had a busy, sometimes not fun one! Friday, we went to the park and Jake came with us so the kids actually got to play on the equipment and Hudson and Ella, were little daredevils. Carter was a semi-daredevil we'll call it. Saturday, the kids got a new tunnel climbing toy which they absolutely love. Sunday, Hudson and Ella woke up and had 102.2 fever all day Sunday and half the day Monday. After their nap on Monday, they were perfectly fine. Weird, I know. Sunday afternoon, we played outside in our new flower sprinkler and Carter and Ella loved it! Huddy was not so thrilled and stayed a safe distance away from the crazy spraying flowers. I took literally a ton of pictures this weekend so I have to sort through all of them but here is some of the kids at the park on Friday. Come back tomorrow for pictures of the new monstrosity of a toy that the kids are now obsessed with!

Huddy would climb all the way to the top of the big slide and then slide all the way down. Don't worry, Jake was on the side making sure he didn't fall off.

Ella, would only make it about halfway up the slide, but enjoyed it none the less.

Carter was more content to run on the ground and not climb up the slides.


4under3 said...

Random comment comin' straight at ya'.

"Huddy" has to be the cutest little nickname I've EVER heard. :)

Momma-of-5 said...

Sorry your guys were sick over the weekend. What a bummer. And that fever isn't anything to sneeze at. How are they when they're sick? Do they just want to cuddle? About a month ago, my 4yo had the same thing...serious fever 24 hours...then fine. No other symptoms. Go figure. Glad everyone's good now. How are you holding up?