Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day! Ours was pretty low key. Jake went and played golf Saturday with his friends and then we had 'Pappasito's' for dinner. So Saturday was kind of his day. Saturday night, Carter decided sleep was not an option. He was up all night and it was miserable. I was so tired by Sunday morning, that I threw up all day. Lovely. I finally started to feel better about two o' clock. I also lost the card that the kids and I made for Jake. Must have thrown it away when I was cleaning. Happy Father's Day Jake, yard work, a sick wife and no card! Hope you enjoyed it!

We did have a good time Saturday though. After Jake got home, we all put on our swim gear and headed out to the backyard. I turned on the sprinkler and all of us played for over an hour. We ate popscicles, ran through the water and played catch, we were all was exhausted! It was fun just to hang out with no work to do! Sunday, was so hot, that we didn't go outside, even for water time! It was 103 degrees actual temperature with not a cloud in the sky and not a drop of wind. So needless to say, me and the kids holed up in the house and stayed all day long! Jake braved the heat and did some yard work. Three sweaty shirts and a couple of beers later, the yard looks great and I think he had a good Father's Day!

So Happy Father's Day to you Jake, we love you very much!
Jake holding Hudson for the first time!

She already had him hooked!

Jake and Carter on Christmas Eve 2006

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