Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long Overdue

OK, so it's been forever since I posted. Things have been super busy around here. First to the trips. They are all doing well and over their ear infections and back to their normal selves. We have been doing alot of playing outside, but it has to be done early in the morning. By about 10:30, it's already ninety degrees outside and their little faces just get so red and sweaty. So we usually spend the rest of the day inside and then go back outside in the evening when the sun is behind the trees. It's still hot, but at least the sun doesn't instantly scorch your skin. We have also been doing alot of playing in our new flower sprinkler. Huddy likes it sometimes and Ella and Carter love it all the time. Here's some pics from our outdoor fun time!

"Flowers that spin around and squirt are not OK in my book" - Huddy

"Is everyone looking at me?! OK, good!" - Ell being her usual vain self

"Holy Moly that's cold, but I like it!" - Carter man

We also tried Popsicles for the first time this past weekend. It did not go as well as I had thought. We are not quite old enough to know how to work the Flavor-Ice Popsicles. Lesson learned, on to plan "B".

"Holy crap Mom, why would you make me try that sour nastiness" -Huddy

"MMMMMMMMMMM" - Introducing Miss Ell, the big girl who will eat anything!

"I don't know what you fools are doing, this plastic is awesome!" - Carter

Surprise and I are doing well. I didn't throw up for two days and then, bam it came back worse than ever. We go back to the doctor tomorrow and I'm hoping she'll have some words of wisdom or some good drugs that will help me keep some food down. We're at fourteen weeks and I've only gained one pound so far so I know that's not the best but the little one is growing I can tell. When I lay down at night, you can see it just flipping and flopping all over the place. And when I woke up this morning, it was sticking straight out of the left side of my belly like I had swallowed a baseball! Too funny.

Also to update you on our friends Sam and Hollee. Their little ones, Beau, Lilly and Marlee, are doing well. They are all on ventilators but are doing exactly what is expected at this gestational age. Please keep them in your prayers, the next few weeks/months are going to be really long and hard on them! Thanks!


Collegegirl said...

Huddy's face is priceless! Hope the morning sickness subsides soon!!!

whitneybee83 said...

your babies are getting so big!!! they're so cute! i love mr. huddy!! his faces were awesome!!! cant wait to see you guys again!!! have a good rest of the week!! hope your doctor visit goes well and you can finally chow down on some food!! sending you all zoey smooches!!! XOXOXOXOXOXO i think thats one for everybody! :)love you guys!

whitney, andrew, & Zoey

The Bird Family said...

Hi - you do not know me but I read your blog every now and then. I also had very bad morning sickness and one medicine did not work and so my doctor put me on something else that was WONDERFUl!! Of course, I cannot remember the name but I know that it was given to cancer patients to help with chemo side effect. It dissolves on your tounge and really helped me!! I think it might start with a z? Sorry to be vague but maybe your dr will know what I am talking about :) THe kiddos are too cute!!

The Melda Family said...

I too have had terrible morning sickness with both of my pregnancies. The miracle drug is called ZOFRAN or KYTRIL. I just take it when I need to, and it gives AMAZING relief!!! It can be very expensive though. Hope you start feeling better or get this medication!

Jamie said...

Your captions with your pictures are too funny!!!! Your kiddos are beautiful!!!

Kaleb and Kendyl- 7/13/05

The Bird Family said...

Yes zofran!! That was the one I was talking about - that is a wonder drug!!!