Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh messy babies!

Well lasagna night turned out to be messier than ever before the other night, mostly just for Ella. Not quite sure why, but it was a disaster. Luckily, I had just washed their highchair covers and made the executive decision to leave them off of the seats because they just get messy again and really what's the point?! So we stripped them down like usual and let them have at it. The boys did good and were about there usual lasagna night messy selves. But holy crap Ella! I'm not exactly sure why, but tonight we decided that the lasagna would look fabulous in our hair. That's right, after every bite, our hands would go to our hair. She is really into brushing hair and has just discovered playing with mine which is a bit painful at times but oh well, she likes it. So after dinner it was straight to the sink for a good hose down and then on to the bath tub. We decided we couldn't wait until our normal bath time to get those little rats clean. Here's the proof!
"Just keep laughin' lady, do you remember your the one who cleans me up?!" - Huddy

"I figured it out mom, E= M C^2" - Ell channeling her inner Albert Einstein,
(seriously with the hair)

"Of course I'm the cleanest, what ever ends up on your face didn't make into your mouth" - Carter, our human garbage disposal

Well, Surprises and my doctor appointment went really well. I got to hear the little heartbeat for the first time. She just put the doppler on my belly and it was just beating away, pretty cool! I didn't gain any weight so I'm still holding strong at 125. I didn't get any medicine for my puking, but I did get some for my headaches that I've been having. I took two last night and today is the first time I have woke up without a headache since I found out I was pregnant. She hoping the headache medicine will take care of the throwing up. She thinks they're tension headaches. I told her I don't feel tense, but I guess I do have alot going on these days. Well Jake the kids and I are off to some weddings in OK this weekend. I'm so excited to see all my friends and they haven't seen the kids since they were about a month old so it should be alot of fun. Hopefully, I'll have a bunch of pics when we return on Monday! Have a safe and fun weekend everyone!


online lottery said...

Well, all I can say is. Im hungry.

Anonymous said...

I've been laughing at these pictures all day. See ya tomorrow.

Collegegirl said...

What funny pictures;) They are still so cute! Love the ticker for "suprise"!