Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Picture This!

So my mom is in Plano this week teaching a conference which works out great because Jake has to work late every night this week. So Monday, the kids and I load up and head up to meet my mom. I left a little early, thinking the kids would fall asleep as soon as we hit the highway. We had just spent over and hour playing and running in the sprinkler, and we were al exhausted. If they could have drove, I would have slept, but alas no one fell asleep. Huddy and Ella were too busy playing with each other to sleep and Carter dozed off for about ten minutes. So now they have missed their afternoon nap and they are beginning to get a little cranky. So about twenty minutes away from my mom's hotel the radio all the sudden cuts off. Huh, that's weird. Not two seconds later all the lights and the A/C go off. The car is still running, but nothing is on, very odd! I decide to get off the highway so I don't get mowed over on the Dallas North Tollway. We are a stop sign, then, all of the sudden, everything magically kicks on and will not kick off. I'm talking the lights, the blinkers, the windshield wipers, the radio, I mean EVERYTHING. Oh yeah, except the air. So now it is 103 degrees actual temperature and I have three cranky children with no air and a van that will only go 20 MPH. So needless to say, it was a little toasty in the old Town and Country. We finally make to my mom's hotel. I get the car unloaded and get the kids inside and we cool down. I moved the car seats over to my mom's car, luckily they all fit, and we headed off to the mall to get something to eat. After we ate, we took the kids to the play area and they played for quite a while and they did great. It was their first time in one of those and I wasn't sure if they would be overwhelmed or not. But they loved. So it was time for the mall to close so I call Jake and luckily he is just right down the road at the golf course. So we met him outside, moved the car seats over and finally headed home. We were all hot, sweaty, tired, messes and needed baths and beds! We got the car towed to a local body shop and basically, we need a new van. They replaced the alternator and some other things, but told us it's on its last leg and we should start looking for a new one. So we are going to pick it up today and hope that we can limp it along for a few more months. Wish us luck!

Here's a cute pic of the kids before water time the other day!


Collegegirl said...

My oh my. Hope the van hangs in there! Glad your mom is in town too.

Hollee said...

Great story! Sorry about the van.