Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thank Goodness it's Thursday!

So it's Thursday so that means it is almost the end of the weekend! Hooray! My mom is in San Antonio this week for a conference, so my Dad is driving down this week and we are going to hang out so reinforcements should be fun. This week has been super long and a little rough so I am so ready for the weekend. The kids have gone to one nap a day and so far it's gone pretty well. After lunch it gets a little hairy for about thirty minutes but I think that will get better the more they do it. We have been spending most of our time playing in the water. It has been so hot and for the first time in about two months, it finally rained last night. It was like a miracle. Jake and I just stood at the kitchen window staring like it was the first time we had ever seen it. We were just glad that we didn't have to drag the hose around the yard for a night! So, since nothing much exciting has been going on, I'll leave with some random pics of the kids that we've taken over the past week.
Huddy enjoying a Popsicle, kind of, we were more into chewing on the handle.

Huddy wearing his Daddy's hat, supporting the greatest team ever, Go Cardinals!

The big girl enjoying a cold treat

Boomer Sooner!

Swiper swipey stole someone's Popsicle

Carter man decided that his cold treat tasted better with a little grass on it!


sweepstake lottery said...

Yugs, daw nabasahan ko naman ni sa iban nga blog?

berto xxx said...

I like this blog. for real!

berto xxx

Ashhog said...

Fun Fun! We are HUGE cardinals fans over here! I'm related to Dizzy and Daffy (Paul) Dean who used to play for them in the 30's. I was able to go to the World Series when they were there a couple of years ago-it was SO awesome. Anyway-we are still huge fans! Glad to see you're a fan too! :)

Hope it cools off a little for you there!

keely and andrew said...

I think it's so fun that you are now pregnant! Is the "surprise" only a surprise until week 20, or until he/she makes its debut?!?

the schirano triplets said...

i love the popsicle pictures...they are so cute!

Danae Jones said...

Hi, I came across your blog after visiting another quad blog. I'm from Arizona, 21, married, and expecting a little boy in September. Just wanted you to know I get a kick out of your blog and your adorable kiddos! Thanks for sharing your life with us!

Cherie said...

where do you find those popsicle holders??

Lisa said...

I found your blog from The Nest. I think you sharing your life on a blog is great. Thanks for the laughs. Your children are beautiful and congrats on the new surprise coming your way!