Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wet, Wild, Wedding Weekend! Pt.1

Well our weekend was jam packed! We went up to Oklahoma on Friday. The trip was pretty terrible. When I go by myself, I usually leave a little after five am. Jake was going with me this time and we go a bit of a late start. We left just before six but apparently it was enough to screw up the normal drive. The kids didn't sleep at all, and a majority of the time, they were screaming. We finally got to my parents house at about ten 'o clock and the kids were glad to get out and run around. The kids finally went down for a nap and my Mom went to show us their new house, which is awesome by the way. We will have tons of space when they move in. Jake went to meet some of his friends and my mom and my Nanna and the kids and me decided to go grab a quick bite after they woke up from their nap. Well lunch was a disaster of epic proportions. We finally asked them to pack up our food and we brought it home because the children were very ill behaved. So after lunch we played some more and the kids took a nap and I went and got my haircut. After the lunch debacle, we decided to order dinner and we played some more and then the kids had their bath and then we all called it a night. Saturday, it was so nice outside, we decided to go outside and play. They go to play on their new play set they got for Christmas and their new bubble mowers my Mom got them, which they absolutely loved. After a good nap, and a big lunch, we decided it was time for a dip in the pool. The kids loved it. Hudson was a little nervous at first but then warmed up to the idea. Ella and Carter loved it from the start and splashed and kicked their little legs for over an hour. Here's some pics from our outside time.

Huddy and his bubble blower. How hilarious is he. He looks like a little old man just mowing his yard!
Sometimes we decided it was more fun to push it backwards. Either way, we love bubbles!
Miss Ell trying to catch her bubbles!
Trying to figure out where those bubbles are coming from
Carter enjoyed climbing on the playset more than the bubble mowers
Captain Carter at the helm
Splish-Splash Huddy!
Huddy and my Mom
Miss Ell takin' in some rays
Miss Ell just relaxin, and chillin'

Carter man just taking it all in

It's like a little gang of bikers, except with mowers

My Mom said I must explain the orange construction fence. They bought a new house and are getting ready to move so this is the temporary fence they put up, just when the kids are there to keep them away from the pool. We are always out there with them but it still hard to keep them coralled so the ghetto fence helps out. They aren't white trash, I promise!


Collegegirl said...

Looks like ya'll had a great vacation! Sorry lunch did not go as well! They are getting so big and yes I love the orange fence!

Barbara Manatee said...

Very cute! Its funny to look at other mom's blogs and see so many similar things...clothes, toys, playsets..we've got the same playset, and my daughter has the same PJ's.

I hadn't even noticed the orange fence until you mentioned it, but that's a great solution for the time being!

Anonymous said...

You make it sound like we are moving next week. It's going to be 3-4 months before the house is done, so the orange fence will be around for a while.