Friday, June 13, 2008

Wet, Wild, Wedding Weekend Pt.2

So back to the weekend. After a long day of swimming, the kids ate a big snack and took a nap. Jake and I had an outdoor wedding at seven, for Jake's friends, that the kids didn't attend. So my parents kept them and got them ready for the reception that we were going to of a wedding for my friends that started at seven-thirty. So after the first wedding, we hung out for a little while and headed to my friends' reception. It was already after eight, which is the kids' bedtime, so I wasn't sure how they would do. They did awesome. First we ate and then we mingled. One of my good friends from high school married one of my good friends from college, so it was so much fun to see my whole group of friends. Half of them I hadn't seen since I was pregnant with the triplets, the other half I hadn't seen since the kids since they were about eight months old at another wedding. After the mingling, the music started and the dancing begin. The kids were little dancing machines. Miss Ella danced with my friend Anne all night and Huddy would run out on the dance floor shake around for a little bit and then run back to the side. Carter danced alot but stayed off to the side out of the spotlight. Finally at about eleven-thirty we loaded up the kids and headed home. They didn't get their PJ's on and in bed until almost midnight. They were little troopers. No meltdowns, no crying. they were basically perfect. We thought for sure they would let everybody sleep in, but nope, at six-fifteen, they were up and ready to roll. So we loaded up the car and headed home. We had a great time seeing everyone and can't wait for the next wedding!
Miss Ella and Anne bustin' a move!
Carter man and my Mom checkin' the dancin' crazies!
Me and the Hudster doing a little Cuban shuffle
Jake and the Hudster waiting for our car
Me and Miss Ell waiting for the valet, can you tell she's a little sleepy!

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