Thursday, July 31, 2008

22 Weeks!

Well, Surprise and I were supposed to have our 22 week appointment yesterday. After waiting for two and a half hours, I finally decided I needed to reschedule. Jake was at home with the kids, he needed to get back to work, and I needed to get packed. So they weighed me and took my blood pressure, but I will have to go back next week to see the doc. My blood pressure was fine, and I gained, wait for it, a whole two pounds! So that's six pounds total and I'm pretty pumped! That's half what I gained the first time around and we are pretty excited around here. The kids and I are in Tulsa for the rest of the week/weekend, and Jake is coming up tonight. He is in a wedding on Saturday, so he has all the wedding hoopla to attend, so my parents, my brother and his girlfriend are on Triplet Duty. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Here is the 22 week belly shot

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seriously with the heat??!!

OK, could it be any hotter around here. I believe 106 is a bit ridiculous. We can now not even play in the sprinkler during the day b/c not even that can keep you cool in the scorching temperatures. We usually go outside right after breakfast, and then come inside and lock it down tight for the rest of the day. I'm talkin' every fan on high, all the lights off, no opening doors unless absolutely necessary. Can we get a little break please?!

OK, enough whining. I hope everyone had a good weekend. My parents came down for a little visit, and a little work. My dad put trim up in the kids room since we ripped out all the old from when we got new carpet. It looks awesome! My mom and I went through all the kids clothes and organized all of the boy stuff for Charley. We got rid of some stuff and have tubs of stuff (Ella's) that we won't be able to use. We are more than set on clothes for Surprise. Jake had a little procedure done to ensure that we would not be having any more little Suprises, so he kind of layed low all weekend and it was nice to have a little extra help. We have a busy week around here. Surprise and I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday and then the whole crew is headed up to Tulsa for a wedding this weekend. Hopefully it will be a little cooler up there!

Here's some pics of the kids room. I realized that most people, even some of our family, have never seen their room done, so here it is folks!
This is what it looks like right when you walk in the door

Ella and Carter's cribs

Hudson's crib

Huddy's "H" - The brown material matches his quilt and he has green sheets

Ella's "E" - The plaid material matches her quilt and she has yellow sheets

Carter's "C" - The stripey material matches his quilt and he has blue sheets

Our little reading nook. We read before naptime everyday. My Nanna made their little quilts from scraps from each of their quilts and letter frames

Friday, July 25, 2008

Don't Eat the Chalk!

So last night we let the kids try sidewalk chalk for the first time. We stripped them down after dinner, b/c there was no way they were going to cover their clothes in chalk, I know I'm a little bit of a clean freak. We took them outside, coating them down with bug spray and showed them how to do it. They watched Jake and I for a few minutes and then we gave them their own piece thinking they might get it. Let me just say, at no time did I nor Jake, ever put chalk any where near our face, much less our mouth. But wouldn't you know, as soon as we give it to them, like moths to a flame, we couldn't keep it away from their little faces. We tried to help them color for what seemed like eternity. We helped them write their names, we drew funny faces, but alas, they would rather eat the chalk and chase the dogs. So we finally gave up and put the chalk away and spent the rest of the evening squirting them with the hose. Cheap entertainment I tell you. I couldn't even manage to get any pics for chasing the chalk away from their mouths. But never fear, I did get some of naked water time.

The boys little naked baby butts

She is such a little poser

Our little sidewalk chalk family

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Great Adventure......Pt.3

So after our bike ride Saturday, the kids took a really good nap, which was good. Because Saturday night, the entire crew headed out to "Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede"! If you don't know what that is, it is a dinner theatre show that divides the ampitheatre into North and South, and the two sides battle to see who wins. They do audience participation games and things like that. It is also like a mini musical, with trick riders and steer, and dancing indians, and birds, and fireworks, and singing and dancing. I was slightly nervous, OK terrified! I told my SIL, if the night was not a disaster of epic proportions, it would be a success. It was dark and loud and crowded and I just didn't know how the trips would do. Well let me just tell you, it was probably the best night, I have ever had as a mom. The kids danced, and clapped and cheered, and waved their little flags. They had the time of their lives. They couldn't even eat they were so into the show! There were several times that I actually teared up watching them. The best part, was the very last song, they bring out all the horses and riders all lit up in red, white and blue and Dolly Parton sings this song about being proud to be an American and the kids were waving their hands and yelling and clapping, I loved it!It was my first time at the show, but to see it through them, watching them experience something for the first time, was UNBELIEVABLE! I can't wait to take them back. The whole ride back to the cabin, they were waving their little Northerner Flags, and wearing their little coon skin caps, and just laughing and giggling. It was awesome. You weren't allowed to take pictures in the show, so I just have the ones from the ride home!
Huddy and his flag. Go North Go!

Miss Ell and her coon skin cap

Carter man waving his little flag with all his might!

The eight hour trip back to Texas went pretty smoothly. We stopped every two to three hours. To change diapers and let the kids eat a snack and take a little break. We finally made it home about six 'o clock Sunday night and the kids could not have been happier to be back in their little playroom. They played for two hours without a peep, and then slept great. So all in all, I think our first family vaca was a success. I can't wait for the next one, and we'll have little Charley with us too!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Great Adventure.........Pt.2

So after a couple of rough and rocky days Thursday and Friday, I was praying for a nice, enjoyable Saturday. We all decided that we were going to "Dogwood Canyon". DC is a bike trail in the middle of a bunch of hills and trees and waterfalls and trout streams. They rent bikes with those baby carriages that you tow behind. Mind you, there were eight adults and seven children that needed to be towed, we were quite a site. And that was minus Jake's oldest brother, his wife, and their three kids. I don't know if we could have done it if everyone was there! I was a little nervous, b/c first of all, I haven't rode a bike in about fifteen years and then I'm twenty weeks pregnant and now I'm dragging a child and two diaper bags. Jake had Hudson and Ella and I had Carter on the first leg and then I took Ell and Jake had the boys on the way back. It was alot more fun than I had expected. My legs were killing me, but we had a ton of fun. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was great! We rode a total of four miles. I don't know if the distance of our ride or the fact that Jake and I could both walk after the ride was a bigger miracle!
Here's some pics from our Dogwood Canyon family ride.
Huddy and Ella gettin' ready for a ride with Daddy

Carter is a little nervous to be behind my bike!

Some of the beautiful scenery

Our little fam at the half way waterfall

The whole crew! (Minus the oldest brother and his wife and three kids)

After the bike ride, we stopped at the little cafe for lunch. I was a little leery because they had no highchairs. That's right, we have three children who have never sat at a real table to eat and not a highchair in sight. But you know what? They did AWESOME. They sat there, in their big people chairs, ate their little hot dogs and chips and drank their little cup of tea and not one person fell or tried to escape. I was so excited! After lunch, we loaded up the car, and headed back to the cabin for a much needed nap. We got back let the kids run around for a little while and then they finally took a decent nap. About an hour and a half. We had a big night ahead of us so I was glad they slept well! Come back next later for our greatest adventure on this trip, "Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede"!
Look at those big kids sitting at that table!

The Hudster enjoying a nice glass of iced tea after a long bike ride

Miss Ella being a big helper trying to give Carter his cup

OK, seriously! Could Carter look any older in this picture!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The results are in...... *UPDATED*

And 72% of you got it ........WRONG!

It's a BOY! Charley Johnson Barron

The ultrasound tech said everything looked perfect. He is weighing in at 13 oz, which is the 75th percentile so a fairly good size little boy! We are very excited and everything seems to be growing right on track. We are twenty weeks today, so that means eighteen weeks from tomorrow we will get to meet little Charley!

Here's a twenty week belly pic. Starting to grow finally!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Great Adventure ...... Pt. 1

So the Great Adventure began early Tuesday morning at about 4:45am. I loaded up the kids and we headed to Tulsa. This leg of the trip was very smooth. The kids did great, I listened to my book, overall I give this part an A+. We got to Tulsa about 9:45am, and just hung out at my mom and dad's. We played in the backyard, ate some lunch and then the kids to a pretty decent nap. After my dad got home, we went swimming and the kids of course loved it. Hudson and Ella will now jump off the sides into the water and all three of them will stick their faces in and blow bubbles, too cute! Wednesday, it rained all day so we didn't do a whole lot. Jake got in about nine 'o clock and me and my mom went to pick him up. We decided that we would try to be on the road by 7:30am. Imagine our surprise, when the kids blessed us with a 5:15am wake up call. Seriously! They have never gotten up that early in their lives. So we loaded up and were on the road by about 6:45am. This is where it gets a little dicey. I gave the kids some medicine for the allergies and thought for sure they would instantly fall asleep. HaHa! Basically there was alot of screaming, whining, tears, and just overall crankiness. When we stopped for gas, we realized that all of them had wet through their diapers all over their clothes and their car seats. So we had to strip them down, change their diapers, and change their clothes, problem was, all of their clean clothes were in our storage container on top of our van. Luckily I found the clothes they wore the day before in the hamper and we made do. They had to sit on their pajamas the rest of the way, but it wasn't too bad. They did a little bit better after we stopped changed them out of their sopping wet clothes. We finally got to Table Rock Lake about 11:15, and went to Jake's parent's RV. We had some lunch and decided it would be a good time for a swim. So we got everyone changed and into their swim gear and loaded up the golf cart and headed to the pool. Too bad as soon as we got there, it started raining, so back to the RV we went. We got the kids changed and fed them a snack and headed over to the house they rented to get settled in. Nap time was long overdue for our three little darlings so we got their little beds set up and put them down. They fell asleep instantly. Jake and I unloaded the van in the pouring down rain and were going to get the house triplet proofed before the kids woke up. But, apparently, they decided a quick little thirty minute cat nap was all they needed. So needless to say, the rest of the day went downhill at a rapid pace. They were so whiny, cranky, and just plain angry at times. Once everyone else got into town, everyone came over and the guys grilled out. The kids were still at a ridiculously high level of crankiness, and I had to excuse myself to go downstairs and cry. Mind you, this was the first time I have cried b/c of the kids in a really, really, really long time! There was just no making them happy, and nothing makes you feel more incompetent than three small screaming children while your entire family is there. I pulled myself together, and we got the kids fed, bathed and put down to sleep, just knowing that they would sleep for days b/c they were just so exhausted. Welp, the boys proved us wrong again. They were wide awake at 1:15am, so Jake and I put them in bed with us, which was an adventure in itself b/c these children never sleep with us. We finally were able to catch a few hours of sleep here and there.

Jake and his dad and his brothers left early to play golf on Friday, and luckily the kids were in better spirits that day. After breakfast, me, the trips, Jake's mom and one of my SILs and her three boys, went to this little antique shop and then out for some Mexican food for lunch. The kids stuffed themselves with chips, salsa, guac, enchiladas, beans and rice, and were ready for the trip back to the cabin. We got lost on the way back which added about an hour to our trip, but the kids slept the entire way, so that was fine by me, that was the best nap they had all week. When we got back, the boys were close behind and the whole crew went swimming at the big pool. The kids had a great time and I got some much needed sun and relaxation while the aunts and uncles and grandparents took turns with our little ones. We decided to lay low and order in pizza b/c we had a jam packed Saturday ahead of us. OK, so that was the longest post ever, so here is what you guys really come for, the pics. Come back tomorrow where I will interrupt the Great Adventure posts for the BIG ultrasound news about Surprise. Don't forget to vote!

Playing at my mom and dad's on their playset

Swimming at Yia-Yia and Pop's pool

Jake, his dad, and two of the three brothers at "Branson Creek" golf course

Huddy and Jake takin a dip with cousin Jack

Me and the Ellster

Carter and Granna (Jake's mom)

Miss Ell and Poppa (Jake's dad)

Monday, July 14, 2008

We're Baaaaack!

So after six days, a combined twenty two hours in the car, a couple of rain storms, and a few minor meltdowns (from both partent and child), we made it home yesterday evening. We had a great time in Tulsa and Table Rock. The kids did really well for the most part and all in all it was a great vacation! OK, so I took about two hundred pictures, and haven't quite had time to go through all of them yet, but I hope to tonight, so be sure and check back tomorrow full a full report and tons of pics! Also, Jake, Surprisea and I go to the doctor on Wednesday for the BIG ultrasound. There is only one day left to vote, so cast your ballot and the results will be in on Wednesday!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Fun Filled Holiday Weekend

I hope everyone had a good Fourth of July! I know we did. We spent the fourth playing in the sprinkler, eating cookies and just enjoying hanging out all together. Friday night, we went to our City Celebration and the kids did awesome! We didn't stay late b/c it was soooooo hot and their little faces were bright red, but we were there for over an hour. They got to get out of their stroller and stayed very close to us, which I was pretty impressed by. Usually, in public, they aren't allowed out of their stroller, b/c let's face it, we're outnumbered. I laid out a blanket and they did great, they sat for a little while, drank their juice, then they would get up and dance to the bands which was hilarious. These kids love music and love to dance. We had a great time!

The fam is going on a pretty big adventure this week. The kids and I are leaving early tomorrow morning to head to Tulsa. Jake is flying up Wednesday evening and then we are headed to Branson. We were going to drive straight there, but it's about eight hours and decided no one would be to pleasant upon arrival so were are breaking it up a little on the way there. Jake's parents have and RV up at Table Rock Lake and almost everyone is going up on Thursday to spend a long weekend. This will be the longest we are away, and the first time we aren't staying at one of our parent's houses. They have rented a house, so it should be alot of fun. Three of the four brothers will be there and seven of the ten grandchildren will be there. Did I mention that five of the seven grandchildren are under eighteen months! We are excited and it should be alot of fun! Wish us luck on the eight hour trip back home Sunday!

Here's some pics of my little American Cuties on the Fourth of July!
Happy Fourth of July!

My Boys

Huddy enjoying a little music and dancing

Ell takin' it all in

Swiper Swipey did it again!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a fun independence day planned! We are going to the Hurst City Celebration. They have bands and games and food and fireworks. We probable will not make it to the fireworks considering it is an hour and a half past the kid's bedtime, but we'll see. I'm praying that this fourth is better than last year. On July third last year, we had a little thunderstorm and we lost power. No big deal, my parents were in town so we loaded up the kids and went to eat. When we got back the power still wasn't on and we noticed a big burly man in our side yard. Apparently, our neighbor's tree fell on a power line and basically ripped the side of our house off. Power box, cable box, everything. So we packed our then seven month old triplets up and headed for the local Hampton Inn. The next morning, we found someone to come fix the disaster on a holiday, and it was only going to cost us twenty four hundred dollars! Holy Smokes! So finally in the late afternoon, we got our electricity back, which meant we got our A/C. So needless to say we did not attend the City Celebration from sheer heat exhaustion! So pray we have no weird emergencies this year!

I took all the kids to get their little hairs cut yesterday. The boys we looking a little shaggy and the Ellster had grown what appeared to be a mullet. The boys did great, I think they are finally used to it. Ella on the other hand, had to sit in my lap and basically be held down. This was her first haircut and needless to say, she did not like it! It was just a tiny little trim but it looks much better! Here's some pics of the kids and their freshly cut do's! Sorry for the box on Ella's head, once she gets in the playroom, she refuses to take it off for any reason.
It's a rough and tumble crew!

The Hud man lookin' to cool for school with his new crew cut

So you can't see her hair but she's still cute, even with a box on her head

Carter Man cheesin' it up

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to Normal....Almost!

Well the house is finally back in order, for the most part. Everyone is sleeping where they are supposed to be sleeping and the cleaning lady is coming today to make my house shiny! The kids room is completely done except for the closet which will be done this weekend. Remember all that super cool organizing I did a couple months back, yeah it had to be destroyed. We moved a chest of drawers into the kids closet and moved the changing table to Surprises room so all of the rods and the blanket shelves had to be ripped out. So after that gets put back together, everything will be finished except for Suprise's room which is now littered with boxes, clothes, blankets and all sorts of odds and ends. When we get it all finished I'll put up some pics, the kids room turned out great!

Surprise and I had our eighteen week check up yesterday. I gained a pound so I'm up to three pounds total which is not great but my doc isn't concerned b/c I only gained twelve pounds with the triplets and they weighed over thirteen pound all together. Surprise's little heartbeat sound great and we set the c-section for November 20! Holy Moly, we have a date! And that date is only twenty weeks away! I'm almost half way there! Yikes! We started taking belly pics and I will take one every two weeks hopefully, if we remember. So here it is folks, the first ever official belly shot of me and Surprise!

18 Weeks