Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back to Normal....Almost!

Well the house is finally back in order, for the most part. Everyone is sleeping where they are supposed to be sleeping and the cleaning lady is coming today to make my house shiny! The kids room is completely done except for the closet which will be done this weekend. Remember all that super cool organizing I did a couple months back, yeah it had to be destroyed. We moved a chest of drawers into the kids closet and moved the changing table to Surprises room so all of the rods and the blanket shelves had to be ripped out. So after that gets put back together, everything will be finished except for Suprise's room which is now littered with boxes, clothes, blankets and all sorts of odds and ends. When we get it all finished I'll put up some pics, the kids room turned out great!

Surprise and I had our eighteen week check up yesterday. I gained a pound so I'm up to three pounds total which is not great but my doc isn't concerned b/c I only gained twelve pounds with the triplets and they weighed over thirteen pound all together. Surprise's little heartbeat sound great and we set the c-section for November 20! Holy Moly, we have a date! And that date is only twenty weeks away! I'm almost half way there! Yikes! We started taking belly pics and I will take one every two weeks hopefully, if we remember. So here it is folks, the first ever official belly shot of me and Surprise!

18 Weeks


Barbara Manatee said...

Holy smokes! You only gained 12 lbs with the triplets!?! (you were sick a LOT, huh?) wow! I thought I did well only gaining 25 with twins. You're still so skinny!

Karen said...

Look at you:) I am so jealous. I was enormous at 20 weeks with my last, with all three I needed maternity clothes at 8 weeks. I hope the sick days stop soon.

Cindy & Brian said...

You look fantastic and I hope you are feeling great!

Jeannie said...

Wow! That 18 weeks belly with one is sure different than the 18 week belly with 3! :)

Anonymous said...

ha! my belly is bigger than that now, and i'm not even preggers!