Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Hope everyone has a fun independence day planned! We are going to the Hurst City Celebration. They have bands and games and food and fireworks. We probable will not make it to the fireworks considering it is an hour and a half past the kid's bedtime, but we'll see. I'm praying that this fourth is better than last year. On July third last year, we had a little thunderstorm and we lost power. No big deal, my parents were in town so we loaded up the kids and went to eat. When we got back the power still wasn't on and we noticed a big burly man in our side yard. Apparently, our neighbor's tree fell on a power line and basically ripped the side of our house off. Power box, cable box, everything. So we packed our then seven month old triplets up and headed for the local Hampton Inn. The next morning, we found someone to come fix the disaster on a holiday, and it was only going to cost us twenty four hundred dollars! Holy Smokes! So finally in the late afternoon, we got our electricity back, which meant we got our A/C. So needless to say we did not attend the City Celebration from sheer heat exhaustion! So pray we have no weird emergencies this year!

I took all the kids to get their little hairs cut yesterday. The boys we looking a little shaggy and the Ellster had grown what appeared to be a mullet. The boys did great, I think they are finally used to it. Ella on the other hand, had to sit in my lap and basically be held down. This was her first haircut and needless to say, she did not like it! It was just a tiny little trim but it looks much better! Here's some pics of the kids and their freshly cut do's! Sorry for the box on Ella's head, once she gets in the playroom, she refuses to take it off for any reason.
It's a rough and tumble crew!

The Hud man lookin' to cool for school with his new crew cut

So you can't see her hair but she's still cute, even with a box on her head

Carter Man cheesin' it up


Anonymous said...

you are being mean to my baby girl again-making her cry! the boys look very very handsome-cant wait to see you all next week-give my babies a hug! aunt paula

Collegegirl said...

The babies look so grown up with their new hair-dos. Have a great time at the Hurst celebration!

Jenny said...

I posted this on my blog and on here to so you'd have the info.the weight limit on the foundations is 40 lbs per seat. our friends --the Yager quads have it still with their boys who are 3 and it still works great! The back has LOTS of room and all the seats recline. it was definitely worth the $$. You can even put a baby carrier carseat into it like most other strollers. so that would be nice for you all.