Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seriously with the heat??!!

OK, could it be any hotter around here. I believe 106 is a bit ridiculous. We can now not even play in the sprinkler during the day b/c not even that can keep you cool in the scorching temperatures. We usually go outside right after breakfast, and then come inside and lock it down tight for the rest of the day. I'm talkin' every fan on high, all the lights off, no opening doors unless absolutely necessary. Can we get a little break please?!

OK, enough whining. I hope everyone had a good weekend. My parents came down for a little visit, and a little work. My dad put trim up in the kids room since we ripped out all the old from when we got new carpet. It looks awesome! My mom and I went through all the kids clothes and organized all of the boy stuff for Charley. We got rid of some stuff and have tubs of stuff (Ella's) that we won't be able to use. We are more than set on clothes for Surprise. Jake had a little procedure done to ensure that we would not be having any more little Suprises, so he kind of layed low all weekend and it was nice to have a little extra help. We have a busy week around here. Surprise and I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday and then the whole crew is headed up to Tulsa for a wedding this weekend. Hopefully it will be a little cooler up there!

Here's some pics of the kids room. I realized that most people, even some of our family, have never seen their room done, so here it is folks!
This is what it looks like right when you walk in the door

Ella and Carter's cribs

Hudson's crib

Huddy's "H" - The brown material matches his quilt and he has green sheets

Ella's "E" - The plaid material matches her quilt and she has yellow sheets

Carter's "C" - The stripey material matches his quilt and he has blue sheets

Our little reading nook. We read before naptime everyday. My Nanna made their little quilts from scraps from each of their quilts and letter frames


Chelley N said...

It's not much cooler in Tulsa... I think it was 100 yesterday! I LOVE the kids' room!!! Just precious!

Barbara Manatee said...

Adorable room! Do you know how you're going to do Charley's room? I have been trying to decide how to do our surprise's room - we aren't going to find out the gender, so need to keep it neutral. We did a storybook theme for the twins - Very Hungry Caterpillar and I just thought maybe this morning to do the other room in The Rainbow Fish. We'll see...

Sorry to hear about the heat..its supposed to get into the 90s this week here in MI. That's hot enough for me...try to stay cool!

Cindy & Brian said...

Awesome room!

Miriam said...

ok, please tell me you have a separate playroom and that's why their room is so picture perfect???

We had to remove all the nice books out of the twins room because they RIPPED THEM TO SHREDS.

And when they weren't ripping them, they were climbing into the bookcase!

Love the room - it's just beautiful. And I think you should call Charley Surprise until he is old enough to complain.


Collegegirl said...

Ok I totally understand the heat since it was 105 here too. Try to stay cool and active indoors ;) Trying to encourage here-did it help? Love the new do with the room. So cute!

Jes said...

What a cute bedroom, but more importantly, so NEAT! Obviously the bedroom is not their playroom. Very cute!

Momma-of-5 said...

I love the letters about the cribs. You're so crafty! Are those baskets under the cribs for toys? SO organized. And is the rug/quilt by the chairs made of a mix of the baby's quilts? ADORABLE!