Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not worse, but slightly better

So Ella does in fact have a pin sized hole in her ear drum. She apparently had an antibiotic resistant germ in her ear that finally busted through and leaked out. Poor girl, I would have never known, she didn't tug or pull at her ear once! She is way tougher than her brothers. On the way to the doctor Tuesday, I hear someone throw up. I turn around and Hudson has puked everywhere. All over himself, all of the car seat, I mean everywhere!!! Never once, have I ever had to carry extra clothes for my kids. Not even when they were babies, and Carter had his colostomy bag. And never once, have I ever been caught off guard or unprepared when it comes to clothing. But I guess it had to happen once right? So I call Jake, he is way out of town and there's no way he can meet us, so I strip Huddy down, wipe him up as best I can, and in to the doctor we go. Two children with clothes, shoes and harnesses, one child with a diaper shoes and a harness. I'm sure people thought I was an absolute nutso, but no one said anything, not even the doc. So I guess it couldn't have been to bad. Yesterday, everyone was back to normal. Ella's ear cleaning sessions are a bit sad, considering it takes me and Jake to hold her down and put peroxide in her ear, suck it out and follow it with the drops. But the boys always rub her hair while we are doing it and clap for her when we are done, too cute. So all in all, everyday is getting better, especially since I got a pedicure today! Horray for pretty feet. Never mind that the spaghetti strap on my shirt broke and I had to cut the other one off so I didn't look like a fool. It's all good!

Here's a pic of the kids coloring before lunch one day last week. Ella loves it and would color all day long if I would let her, the boys like it for about two minutes and then they give up.

"Huh, I wonder how long she is going to make us do this?" - Huddy

"This is only the best thing to happen since Animal Cookies!" - Ella

"These colorful things look mighty tasty" - Carter, the human garbage disposal

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Totally eating my words!

OK, so you know how yesterday I said no matter what happens this week, it will all be OK b/c I will be in my happy place Saturday? Well the powers that be apparently took this as a challenge and I am totally eating my words right now! So yesterday started off fine, but slowly went downhill as we waited for the cleaning lady all day, who again didn't show. So annoying. So our schedule was messed up, we never left the house, but the kids were pretty good. Then yesterday afternoon, Ella starts crying and doesn't stop unless someone is holding her. Super clingy, totally not like her. We figure she is just tired b/c of the weird day we had. Everyone sleeps great last night, which is good b/c this morning we scheduled to meet their teachers for this year. (They are going to school one day a week, Yeah!) So I get up early shower, get ready, get everything for everyone ready, get breakfast ready and go to wake the kids up when I am greeted by a horribly unmistakable smell. Someone has sour pooped and sour pooped ALOT. I open the door and there is poor Huddy, sound asleep in the biggest mess of dump I've ever seen. It couldn't have been there more than five minutes b/c I had just checked on them, but still how gross is that. So I holler at Jake and he comes and gets the other two to their highchairs while I strip Hudson down and carry him to the tub. After a good scrubbing he's just like new. Everyone eats and everything is fine. We get the poop mess laundry started and I get the kids dressed in their best to meet their teachers and little classmates. The meet and greet went well (more on that later), so we come home, change clothes and head to the play place at the mall (not the bad one from last week) and the kids are doing great. Ella fell and bonked her head so she climbs up on my lap and I go to give her a kiss on her noggin' and something stinks. It's her ear! Remember how she had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago? Well it seems it didn't get all the way healed and stuff is now oozing out her ear. It is filled with giant globs of dry, crusty, nastiness. So I call the doctor and they say they need to see her, so we now have an appointment at 2:45 to find out what's wrong. Hopefully nothing major. So, from now on, when I issue a challenge to the Big Man upstairs, I guess I better be prepared to take whatever comes my way!

Here's the kids looking adorable this morning on our way to meet the teachers!

Monday, August 25, 2008

T-Minus 5 Days and Counting!

OK, so no matter how bad this whole week turns out to be, we are only five days away from probably one of my most favorite days ever. OU FOOTBALL!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are only five short days from Oklahoma Football kick-off and I am pumped! So no matter what may happen this week, at 6:00pm on Saturday night, I will be in my relaxing place minus children to do my favorite thing ever, watch me some Sooner Football!!!

OK, enough about me, onto the kids. We were up in OK this weekend. Jake had a golf tournament and I didn't want to stay by myself so we loaded up the kids and headed to his parents house. Jake's folks were out of town, so his oldest brother, his wife and three kids were kind enough to come stay with me and help out with the trips. Their kids are ten, seven and four. We hadn't seen them since March so it was fun to hang out with them and let the kids play together. The trio did awesome. The trip up was a little dicey. We left after breakfast so they were wide awake and not thrilled about being strapped in their car seats or five hours, but overall the trip up was fine. After we got to Jake's parents house, we let the kids run wild for a little while. They live on a big farm so there is plenty of space to run. After some exploring and a snack, they laid down for a quick nap while we got everything unpacked and settled in. After their nap, all the fam showed up and we ate some dinner, did alot of playing and laughing, and then it was time for bed. The kids slept great! It usually takes them one night to get adjusted but they were so worn out, they didn't make a sound. Saturday, Jake had to leave super early for his golf tourney, so after some breakfast, we just played around the house. It rained for a little while in the morning, but moved on out pretty quickly. After the rain stopped, we all went outside to play in their little park area. The kids were absolutely filthy but had a great time playing. We also checked out the goats, horses and chickens. We went inside after playing and they all ate a good lunch and then took a pretty good nap. Me and Brynn and the big kids swam while the trips were napping. After their nap, we did some more playing and running around the house. Another one of Jake's brothers and their three boys came out and we ordered pizza and just hung out. The kids all played in the front yard and our three were wiped out by about seven 'o clock. They slept great and we headed home yesterday morning and I think they were glad to be back in their own beds, so were we! Thanks, Brad, Brynn, Sam, Liv and Julia for all your help! Here's a few pics from our quick little trip to Talala.

Huddy checkin' out the horses

Miss Ell exploring her new surroundings

Carter looking mischeveous like always

My Boys

Daddy's little girl

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm so over the rain! It doesn't rain for three months and then it decided for six days straight to pour buckets. We've been trapped in the house this past week and it's getting a little old. We've been trying to find different fun things to do, but I'm runnnin' out of ideas. Monday was spent waiting on the cleaning lady, all day, so that day was kind of wasted. Tuesday, we went to a mall that has an indoor play place. Little did I know, that the play area was right next to the ice skating rink so it was about forty degrees and we froze. There were a ton of people there which wouldn't be so bad if everyone acted responsible for their own child. Don't let your giant six year old climb up the slide while my three patiently wait at the top. Don't let your kids wear their shoes just because you think it's dirty. It's a public play place, of course it's dirty, get over it. Don't let your kids push mine out of the way because they don't want to wait their turn, while you hold your new baby and chat with a friend. Don't give me the evil eye when I ask your child to not push mine who has been standing in line for his/her turn. Hello, you are still a parent, act like it! So needless to say, after about an hour, we had all had it. So we headed to the food court for lunch. After lunch, we headed home and played inside a little more and then down for a nap. Great napping day! Wednesday, the kids went to Adventure Kids while I finished up some shopping for them. Come home, play a little more, down for a nap. Terrible napping day! About thirty minutes, maybe. So after their power nap, we head to Kohl's for one last item for Ella. Bright sunny skies, hooray! Nope, not hooray. As I'm paying, the most torrential downpour comes and we are stuck inside. After waiting thirty minutes in Kohl's, I decide it's just rain, we'll dry. So off we go, the kids loved it, they were laughing hysterically, which made me laugh. I throw them in the car as quickly as possible, and proceed to rip my fingernail off while trying to put the stroller up in a hurry. The kids are all in the wrong car seats, but who cares. Now we're wet and cold because I have to turn the defrost on because the fog in the car is so bad I can't see anything. Pull out on the street to find every stop light between Kohl's and my house out. Lovely, so what usually takes ten minutes, take forty. Boo this stinkin' rain! I'm done, over it, finished! Luckily, no rain in the forecast today, just hot! Hooray hot! I miss our outside naked sprinkler time!

I'm sure our neighbors and sprinkler miss us too. Who wouldn't miss this sight!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Tak Me Out To the Ballgame!

Well the weather here has been less than 100 degrees for an entire week now! I know, we're super excited! So in honor of the lovely weather, we decided to take the kids to the Grand Prairie Air Hogs baseball game. We went Friday night and they did awesome. When we got there, we found some handicap seats that weren't being used so we were able to park the stroller between two spots and Jake and I sat at opposite ends of it and let the kids walk in between us. We were behind the net so we didn't have to be too worried about foul balls flying at us, but we still kept a close eye. I would have to say the kids favorite part, was the music. Between each batter/inning/out (they played alot of music), they played loud music and the kids would just dance and jump and clap. I think we had more people watching us than the actual game. We called it a night in the sixth inning, about 8:30pm, and the kids were perfect the whole time! Here's some pics from our fun family night.
The Whole Gang

Me and Huddy

The Hudster

Miss Ell takin' in the sights

The Carter-Man

Friday, August 15, 2008

Go, Go, Go!

Well I'm glad to say the kids are doing much better. They took a great nap yesterday and slept really well last night. We did go to the doctor yesterday, and Ella has an ear infection, and they think the boys had some form of the rota-virus last week. Yuck! But yesterday and today, so far, they seem to back to their normal happy selves.

Last week, we moved their slide inside into the playroom because it is just way too hot to play outside these days, even in the morning. They absolutely love it! They climb up to the top and I have to say "Go, Go, Go!", and then after all they repeat it, they zip down. Except Carter, he puts his big feet on like brakes and inches down ever so slowly, he kills me. Here's a few pics of our new favorite toy!

Huddy making the ascension to the top

Takin' the big plunge

Miss Ell and her new hat my aunt bought her

As you can see we wear it all the time

Carter man at the top

Don't worry Carter, slow and steady wins the race

After dinner, watching Daddy water the flowers while wearing our clothes as head dresses of course

Thursday, August 14, 2008

24 Weeks

Happy viability Charley! So we've made it to 24 weeks. Fourteen weeks from tomorrow, we will be meeting Surprise! Pretty exciting huh?! So we had our doctors appointment yesterday and he is measuring right on track. I've only gained six pounds total so she was a little worried about that, and she wanted to make sure I was eating. I eat every time the kids eat, including snacks, so I promise I'm eating. I guess chasing three twenty month olds all day every day, doesn't bode well for weight gain. She said as long as he is growing though, that it's not a huge deal, and he is growing trust me. He kicks and flops, ALL THE TIME. Morning, noon and night. He is also getting big enough that you can pick out what body part is sticking out of my belly, pretty funny. Overall, everything is going pretty well!

Here's the 24 week belly shot!

Here I am at 24 weeks with the triplets at an OU/Texas watch party, just a little bigger I would say!

The kids are doing better, they are still a little crankier than normal, but went to bed early last night, and are still asleep as I type this, so maybe they were just a little behind on their sleep. Hopefully, today will be a good day, and I won't want to run screaming for the hills! Here's a cute pic of the little munchkins!
They love reading and will all pile on the couch read and trade books, it's hilarious!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Workin' On the Weekend

Well we had a busy weekend around here. Of course Friday night started with the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics, which were awesome by the way, and putting together my brand new changing table for the playroom!

I love it and now I don't have to bend over and break my back to change the little ones' diapers on the trunk that was doing double duty as our main changing table. We still need to paint it black, b/c they didn't have the black one in stock, but that's not a huge deal right now. Who would have ever though I would be so excited about a changing table, well my back and I love it!

Then on Saturday, we worked on a few projects around the house. We had a big mirror and some picture frames that needed to be hung in the playroom. The kids were very big helpers. They helped me clean the mirror and helped Daddy put the anchors in the wall.

After the mirror and pictures were hung, which look pretty darn good by the way, see for yourself...

We watched Daddy mow the yard and water all the flowers. Of course we were wearing our red, white and blue to support Team USA.

Then we decided to get in the spirit of things and have our own Olympics right in our own playroom. It's a new sport, three on one wrestling. Of course the three always win.

Then on Sunday, the kids were very angry that they no longer had a mirror to look at themselves in so after a quick jaunt to Wal-Mart, the kids can now kiss themselves all they want.

So it was a busy and festive weekend around here and we have a busy week ahead of us. Stay tuned for more fun and games.

Friday, August 8, 2008

No folks, he's not sick!

OK, so it's been a rough week as you know. And today, there was no throwing up, but it was replaced by the crankiest, meanest little monsters you ever saw. I don't know what the deal is, my I have an inkling that my kids might have been possessed. They are just plain not acting themselves. Needless to say, today they are going to Adventure Kids or you might see one or more of them up for sale on Ebay. Just the boys though, Ella has been super sweet the whole week. Stinkin' boys.

Jake didn't get home until about 10:30 pm last night, he had a city council meeting, so I was by myself with the little devils. The boys have been needing a haircut for a few days now, but they have been in no shape to take them out in public. So I decided I would just take care of that myself. Well they behaved very well, but Huddy ended up looking like the latest Make-A-Wish poster child. I didn't think to test it out on the bottom, or somewhere discreet. Nope, I just took a big zippin line right down the middle of his head. Of course I start laughing uncontrollably, and decided, he will just have to be super short with lots of sunscreen this time. It's just hair it grows. Carter's went much better, I added a little guard to the clippers and his looks great. So here it is folks, don't worry, the one on the left isn't sick, but he did give me a much needed laugh for this hellacious week!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not a good week, so far!

So this week has not been our smoothest. Sunday after we got back from Tulsa, Hudson puked up his entire lunch all over the playroom floor. The other two were not acting themselves but no throwing up. So Monday comes along, we are super cranky, super tired, won't eat, won't play, they just want to lay around and lounge. Fine by me, so our menu consisted of crackers and Pedialyte since at this point, they all have diarrhea. Tuesday comes, "Surely today will be a better day", I tell myself. I got up early to go to Wal-Mart before the 100 degree temperatures hit for the twentieth day in a row, and I'm not feeling too hot. I proceed to throw up in the parking lot, which was pleasant for the bystanders I'm sure. I get home, the kids and Jake are still asleep so I crawl back into bed for a little rest but am quickly awoken by the urge to throw up again. Lovely, so my "morning/all day sickness" is back, and has been since last Friday. OK, fine, whatever. So I get the kids up and ready for breakfast, no one eats, and Carter pukes. No problem, give him a bath, change his clothes, they go about their day playing. I was supposed to go to the doctor for my appointment that I had to change last week, and quickly realized, there was no way. So I call the doctor change my appointment, and call Adventure Kids and cancel our reservation for the day. The kids go down for a morning nap, surely they will awake rested and feeling perfect! But alas, we ate no lunch and were still rather whiny. So after a little play time they went back down for a nap, and a little tiny dinner, and by tiny I mean a few bites of Pancakes and one peanut butter cracker each, then it's time for baths and bed. It all seems to be going well, until we hear a familiar cry. You know the cry, the one that says I either just pooped or threw up all over myself. So Jake and I go in and sure enough, Carter threw up all over himself. No prob, a quick bath, a change of clothes, and change of sheets a cup of Pedialyte and back to bed he goes. Jake and I crawl into bed, at this point I'm so tired I can barely function and we hear "The Cry", from Hudson this time. We can smell it before we even open up the door, yep, all over the place. His cries wake Carter who throws up three times, before I can get Hudson stripped down. So I throw Hudson in the tub, get him changed, Jake strips Carter and both the boys beds down and gives Carter his fourth bath of the day, he is no super squeaky clean. I wipe down the beds give them clean sheets, a drink of Pedialyte and after half and hour of crying they both fall asleep. Poor Ella just sat so patiently while the boys were being taken care of, not letting out a peep, just takin' it all in.

So this morning, so far, has gone better. I stuck with half Pedialyte/half juice and a few Kix for their morning breakfast, which no one ate. Fine by me, no eating, means less messy puking. We ran a quick errand to Kohl's because the house smells like sour sickness and I think everyone needed a break, and so far no one has pooped or puked, yet. The key word being yet. I'm praying that we're done with all that messiness. As I type, the are playing in their playroom, and so far everyone seems to be in a pretty good mood. No pictures today, I don't think you want to see what went on the past couple of days, Yuck!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Splish Splash Park!

So we are back from a along hot weekend in Tulsa. Apparently, the boys have reverted back to newborn-hood. They are usually amazing sleepers, but this weekend, they were up every two or three hours for long periods of time. They didn't nap well and overall were kind of cranksters. It was super hot this weekend, so we spent alot of time in the water. We took the kids to the splash park at my parent's new neighborhood and they absolutely loved it, mostly. Carter for some reason, was extremely timid at first, it took him a good twenty minutes to warm up to the idea, but after that, he loved it. Hudson and Ella loved it. When we went back on Saturday, as soon as they saw the splash park, they started squealing so apparently it was a hit! We also went swimming on Saturday afternoon and all the kids went under the water. Ella and Huddy enjoyed their underwater experience, Carter not so much. It's either hot or cold with that one, and you never know what you're gonna get. Here's some pics from our splash park experience, I know the kids can't wait to go back!