Thursday, August 14, 2008

24 Weeks

Happy viability Charley! So we've made it to 24 weeks. Fourteen weeks from tomorrow, we will be meeting Surprise! Pretty exciting huh?! So we had our doctors appointment yesterday and he is measuring right on track. I've only gained six pounds total so she was a little worried about that, and she wanted to make sure I was eating. I eat every time the kids eat, including snacks, so I promise I'm eating. I guess chasing three twenty month olds all day every day, doesn't bode well for weight gain. She said as long as he is growing though, that it's not a huge deal, and he is growing trust me. He kicks and flops, ALL THE TIME. Morning, noon and night. He is also getting big enough that you can pick out what body part is sticking out of my belly, pretty funny. Overall, everything is going pretty well!

Here's the 24 week belly shot!

Here I am at 24 weeks with the triplets at an OU/Texas watch party, just a little bigger I would say!

The kids are doing better, they are still a little crankier than normal, but went to bed early last night, and are still asleep as I type this, so maybe they were just a little behind on their sleep. Hopefully, today will be a good day, and I won't want to run screaming for the hills! Here's a cute pic of the little munchkins!
They love reading and will all pile on the couch read and trade books, it's hilarious!


Barbara Manatee said...

Glad to hear all is well! Hope you're feeling better too...think you're out of the 'morning sickness woods' now? hope so!

Collegegirl said...

WOW-they slept in-what a great start! Hope the rest of the morning went well and today was better :)

Lauren said...

If you don't mind answering for the rest of the blog world, would you mind if I asked a pretty personal question? How in the world do you have such a beautiful tummy after giving birth to triplets?! I've seen other triplet momma's bellies postpartum, and yours is by far the most toned/taut. You don't have to answer ... I'm just in shock over here. ;)

Barron Triplets said...

Lauren -
Thanks, your too sweet. I only gained twelve pounds with the triplets, and they basically sucked the life out of me. My belly got bigger but everything else (my legs, butt, arms) shrunk. The only answer I have, is that I got extremely lucky!

Rachel said...

wow.. at 24 weeks I looked just like you (oh wait, I meant when you had your TRIPLETS!!) and I'm having one!

Crazy skinny people :-) You look great.