Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Totally eating my words!

OK, so you know how yesterday I said no matter what happens this week, it will all be OK b/c I will be in my happy place Saturday? Well the powers that be apparently took this as a challenge and I am totally eating my words right now! So yesterday started off fine, but slowly went downhill as we waited for the cleaning lady all day, who again didn't show. So annoying. So our schedule was messed up, we never left the house, but the kids were pretty good. Then yesterday afternoon, Ella starts crying and doesn't stop unless someone is holding her. Super clingy, totally not like her. We figure she is just tired b/c of the weird day we had. Everyone sleeps great last night, which is good b/c this morning we scheduled to meet their teachers for this year. (They are going to school one day a week, Yeah!) So I get up early shower, get ready, get everything for everyone ready, get breakfast ready and go to wake the kids up when I am greeted by a horribly unmistakable smell. Someone has sour pooped and sour pooped ALOT. I open the door and there is poor Huddy, sound asleep in the biggest mess of dump I've ever seen. It couldn't have been there more than five minutes b/c I had just checked on them, but still how gross is that. So I holler at Jake and he comes and gets the other two to their highchairs while I strip Hudson down and carry him to the tub. After a good scrubbing he's just like new. Everyone eats and everything is fine. We get the poop mess laundry started and I get the kids dressed in their best to meet their teachers and little classmates. The meet and greet went well (more on that later), so we come home, change clothes and head to the play place at the mall (not the bad one from last week) and the kids are doing great. Ella fell and bonked her head so she climbs up on my lap and I go to give her a kiss on her noggin' and something stinks. It's her ear! Remember how she had an ear infection a couple of weeks ago? Well it seems it didn't get all the way healed and stuff is now oozing out her ear. It is filled with giant globs of dry, crusty, nastiness. So I call the doctor and they say they need to see her, so we now have an appointment at 2:45 to find out what's wrong. Hopefully nothing major. So, from now on, when I issue a challenge to the Big Man upstairs, I guess I better be prepared to take whatever comes my way!

Here's the kids looking adorable this morning on our way to meet the teachers!

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