Thursday, August 28, 2008

Not worse, but slightly better

So Ella does in fact have a pin sized hole in her ear drum. She apparently had an antibiotic resistant germ in her ear that finally busted through and leaked out. Poor girl, I would have never known, she didn't tug or pull at her ear once! She is way tougher than her brothers. On the way to the doctor Tuesday, I hear someone throw up. I turn around and Hudson has puked everywhere. All over himself, all of the car seat, I mean everywhere!!! Never once, have I ever had to carry extra clothes for my kids. Not even when they were babies, and Carter had his colostomy bag. And never once, have I ever been caught off guard or unprepared when it comes to clothing. But I guess it had to happen once right? So I call Jake, he is way out of town and there's no way he can meet us, so I strip Huddy down, wipe him up as best I can, and in to the doctor we go. Two children with clothes, shoes and harnesses, one child with a diaper shoes and a harness. I'm sure people thought I was an absolute nutso, but no one said anything, not even the doc. So I guess it couldn't have been to bad. Yesterday, everyone was back to normal. Ella's ear cleaning sessions are a bit sad, considering it takes me and Jake to hold her down and put peroxide in her ear, suck it out and follow it with the drops. But the boys always rub her hair while we are doing it and clap for her when we are done, too cute. So all in all, everyday is getting better, especially since I got a pedicure today! Horray for pretty feet. Never mind that the spaghetti strap on my shirt broke and I had to cut the other one off so I didn't look like a fool. It's all good!

Here's a pic of the kids coloring before lunch one day last week. Ella loves it and would color all day long if I would let her, the boys like it for about two minutes and then they give up.

"Huh, I wonder how long she is going to make us do this?" - Huddy

"This is only the best thing to happen since Animal Cookies!" - Ella

"These colorful things look mighty tasty" - Carter, the human garbage disposal


Collegegirl said...

Stripping to a diaper, ear infection, and mama's shirt being broke. What an adventure. Hope you all enjoy your weekend with out sick little ones!!!

Hilary said...

Wow it sounded like it was an adventure going to the doctor..poor Ella and her ear..I bet that was son had a horrible ear infection and never let on how horrible it was...crazy! how are you feeling lately? Ready for Charley?! Can't wait to see his sweet face!

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