Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I'm so over the rain! It doesn't rain for three months and then it decided for six days straight to pour buckets. We've been trapped in the house this past week and it's getting a little old. We've been trying to find different fun things to do, but I'm runnnin' out of ideas. Monday was spent waiting on the cleaning lady, all day, so that day was kind of wasted. Tuesday, we went to a mall that has an indoor play place. Little did I know, that the play area was right next to the ice skating rink so it was about forty degrees and we froze. There were a ton of people there which wouldn't be so bad if everyone acted responsible for their own child. Don't let your giant six year old climb up the slide while my three patiently wait at the top. Don't let your kids wear their shoes just because you think it's dirty. It's a public play place, of course it's dirty, get over it. Don't let your kids push mine out of the way because they don't want to wait their turn, while you hold your new baby and chat with a friend. Don't give me the evil eye when I ask your child to not push mine who has been standing in line for his/her turn. Hello, you are still a parent, act like it! So needless to say, after about an hour, we had all had it. So we headed to the food court for lunch. After lunch, we headed home and played inside a little more and then down for a nap. Great napping day! Wednesday, the kids went to Adventure Kids while I finished up some shopping for them. Come home, play a little more, down for a nap. Terrible napping day! About thirty minutes, maybe. So after their power nap, we head to Kohl's for one last item for Ella. Bright sunny skies, hooray! Nope, not hooray. As I'm paying, the most torrential downpour comes and we are stuck inside. After waiting thirty minutes in Kohl's, I decide it's just rain, we'll dry. So off we go, the kids loved it, they were laughing hysterically, which made me laugh. I throw them in the car as quickly as possible, and proceed to rip my fingernail off while trying to put the stroller up in a hurry. The kids are all in the wrong car seats, but who cares. Now we're wet and cold because I have to turn the defrost on because the fog in the car is so bad I can't see anything. Pull out on the street to find every stop light between Kohl's and my house out. Lovely, so what usually takes ten minutes, take forty. Boo this stinkin' rain! I'm done, over it, finished! Luckily, no rain in the forecast today, just hot! Hooray hot! I miss our outside naked sprinkler time!

I'm sure our neighbors and sprinkler miss us too. Who wouldn't miss this sight!


Jes said...

I feel your pain with the poor parenting of children in those play places. I keep a constant eye on my children to ensure they wait their turn and do not push...I had a boy spit at my son at an outdoor water play place and I went off the deep end...I tracked the mother down (who was SOCIALIZING) and I could care time dont spit your mouth full of water at my son...GROSS! It is the parents fault because they fail to supervise and use it as a social event.

Anonymous said...

what cute hineys!!!!

Annie said...

I love that picture, they look cute. I live in Puerto Rico and it rained for the last few days every afternoon. So I feel bad because I can't go out with my twin girls.

Hilary said...

Oh I hear you on the rain! yesterday was the 1st day that it hadn't rained here in a kids had had it in the house too. Hoping for sunny skys for all of you :)