Monday, August 25, 2008

T-Minus 5 Days and Counting!

OK, so no matter how bad this whole week turns out to be, we are only five days away from probably one of my most favorite days ever. OU FOOTBALL!!!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are only five short days from Oklahoma Football kick-off and I am pumped! So no matter what may happen this week, at 6:00pm on Saturday night, I will be in my relaxing place minus children to do my favorite thing ever, watch me some Sooner Football!!!

OK, enough about me, onto the kids. We were up in OK this weekend. Jake had a golf tournament and I didn't want to stay by myself so we loaded up the kids and headed to his parents house. Jake's folks were out of town, so his oldest brother, his wife and three kids were kind enough to come stay with me and help out with the trips. Their kids are ten, seven and four. We hadn't seen them since March so it was fun to hang out with them and let the kids play together. The trio did awesome. The trip up was a little dicey. We left after breakfast so they were wide awake and not thrilled about being strapped in their car seats or five hours, but overall the trip up was fine. After we got to Jake's parents house, we let the kids run wild for a little while. They live on a big farm so there is plenty of space to run. After some exploring and a snack, they laid down for a quick nap while we got everything unpacked and settled in. After their nap, all the fam showed up and we ate some dinner, did alot of playing and laughing, and then it was time for bed. The kids slept great! It usually takes them one night to get adjusted but they were so worn out, they didn't make a sound. Saturday, Jake had to leave super early for his golf tourney, so after some breakfast, we just played around the house. It rained for a little while in the morning, but moved on out pretty quickly. After the rain stopped, we all went outside to play in their little park area. The kids were absolutely filthy but had a great time playing. We also checked out the goats, horses and chickens. We went inside after playing and they all ate a good lunch and then took a pretty good nap. Me and Brynn and the big kids swam while the trips were napping. After their nap, we did some more playing and running around the house. Another one of Jake's brothers and their three boys came out and we ordered pizza and just hung out. The kids all played in the front yard and our three were wiped out by about seven 'o clock. They slept great and we headed home yesterday morning and I think they were glad to be back in their own beds, so were we! Thanks, Brad, Brynn, Sam, Liv and Julia for all your help! Here's a few pics from our quick little trip to Talala.

Huddy checkin' out the horses

Miss Ell exploring her new surroundings

Carter looking mischeveous like always

My Boys

Daddy's little girl

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ccdean said...

Yeah for football starting. While I am not necessarily an OU Fan (I neither love nor hate them but I do love coach Stoops I am a college football fan (husband played and now coaches ball).
So I, along with you, will be watching this weekend.