Monday, August 18, 2008

Tak Me Out To the Ballgame!

Well the weather here has been less than 100 degrees for an entire week now! I know, we're super excited! So in honor of the lovely weather, we decided to take the kids to the Grand Prairie Air Hogs baseball game. We went Friday night and they did awesome. When we got there, we found some handicap seats that weren't being used so we were able to park the stroller between two spots and Jake and I sat at opposite ends of it and let the kids walk in between us. We were behind the net so we didn't have to be too worried about foul balls flying at us, but we still kept a close eye. I would have to say the kids favorite part, was the music. Between each batter/inning/out (they played alot of music), they played loud music and the kids would just dance and jump and clap. I think we had more people watching us than the actual game. We called it a night in the sixth inning, about 8:30pm, and the kids were perfect the whole time! Here's some pics from our fun family night.
The Whole Gang

Me and Huddy

The Hudster

Miss Ell takin' in the sights

The Carter-Man

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Hilary said...

Too cute..looks like fun! Glad to see the Family happy and healthy! How are things going with baby Charley? Hopefully awesome :)